The name of the game when it comes to organic social content is brand awareness, but that doesn’t mean that you only have to talk about your brand. Many benefits come with adding unique, seasonal content into your brand-based content.

Not only does seasonal content change up what your audience is seeing on your social pages, it can also help you create original, fun content while giving your business a personality.

So, what is seasonal content? Calendar holidays, #HashtagHolidays and content that’s literally based around a season (spring cleaning, I’m looking at you!) can all be grouped under the umbrella of seasonal content.

Calendar holidays are great to include in your content as they can break up your regular content-based, and in some cases, sales-based content. However, since many businesses are posting about the same holidays and your audience probably isn’t specifically looking up holiday posts, odds are, this type of content is only being seen by your current followers. Still, a simple holiday greeting or warm wish on a holiday can make your brand feel more personable and relatable for your audience. And bonus, if you’re selling a product, around these holidays are a great time to do seasonal campaigns, such as a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway. Supplementing a seasonal campaign with ad spend is a great way to gain reach over the holidays, especially when many other businesses could be running similar campaigns.

Content that’s based on a season is a great way to mix up your material. For example, if you’re a flooring company, you could share tips and hacks to effectively clean your floors as we welcome in the spring season. You could even turn it into a campaign and share a cleaning tip every Saturday for spring—#SpringCleaningSaturday has a nice ring to it! If someone is searching up tips for cleaning their floors, they could come across your content and follow you to see more tips in the future. This gives them a relevant reason to follow you even if they aren’t looking for your products or services at the moment, which could ultimately place you top of mind if the time ever comes where they’re looking for services. 

When it comes to hashtag holidays, it’s quality over quantity. They are a great way to get eyeballs on your content, but there’s some type of hashtag holiday for every single day of the year—you don’t need to post about every single one. Just because every other business you’re following is posting about #NationalBreakfastDay doesn’t mean that you need to—you want to make sure you’re still posting content that is relevant to your business and brand values in some shape or form.

Bottom line, if you feel like your content is getting predictable and repetitive, some seasonal content could do the trick—but most important of all, make sure you have fun with it, this is a chance for some fun content!