2021 was a long and complicated year full of challenges. But, the challenges we faced have only made us stronger! As we reflect back on a year of innovation and breakthroughs, here at Glacier Media Digital we have high hopes for the future. The following content is a preview of where we see digital marketing headed in a few key areas.




Display Advertising:

Google has been warning us for a few years that they would be phasing out third-party tracking cookies from Google Chrome, their web browser used by over 60% of global internet users, and this change will finally happen in 2022. With privacy and transparency becoming increasingly important to users, and similar steps already made by its main competitors in Safari and Firefox, this decision is meant to provide its users with greater control over how their browsing data is used.

A massive consequence to this is the limitations it places on targeted advertising, meaning ad-supported websites, such as those produced by Glacier Media, will need to pivot its digital ad strategies to focus on its own first-party data to ensure they can continue to deliver relevant ad content to site visitors.

Fortunately, we sit on a trove of data collected from our users, and this is being solidified all the time as more people sign up for personal accounts across our network and we generate an increasing number of newsletter subscribers.

It’s important that we are able to respect the privacy of those visiting our sites while maintaining value for our advertisers, who want to make sure that we serve their display ad impressions to the people most likely to engage with their ads. And with a strong push from the top internet browsers, we will be dedicating more resources so that we can succeed in meeting this challenge in the coming months.


Paid Search:

Google Ads is increasingly relying on machine learning to serve ads to audiences and using AI to automate optimizations. The introduction of new campaign types like Performance Max and the removal of manual inputs is a testament to this. 

We are entering the era of sacrificing control in exchange for utilizing a system loaded with information collected from years and years of data and user signals. With the system doing all the heavy lifting for us, who wouldn’t like the extra time to focus on other advertising elements. Only time and year over year data will tell whether automation really outperforms human ingenuity and creativity. 

Like any good marketer, we are ready to accept, adapt and act as needed. Although it’s been said many times, many ways, this is the year of AI.


Social Media:

According to Statista, 83% of Canada’s population uses social media. And among that percentage, an increasing number are using social media more than ever before. Canadians are also using an increasing variety of social channels, depending on the type of content they’re looking for. 

Our social media team has rounded up their insights from last year, and also taken a look at what’s coming in 2022—both organically and in paid advertising—for three channels that are quickly gaining popularity: LinkedIn, TikTok and Pinterest. 

In short, Gen Z professionals are active on LinkedIn, TikTok is taking the social-media ecosystem by storm, and Pinterest is the place for ideas, inspirations and new features for users.

Read on for the full scoop.


Sponsored Content:

Considering the insights garnered across 2021 projects, our sponsored content team doubled down on the importance of optimizing headlines that captivate, entice and intrigue readers as a way of introducing content centred around authentic storytelling.

While the headline draws them in, readers also notably experienced an uptick surrounding seeking out quality content that is informative, interesting and presents a direct or transferable use to them.

Looking into 2022, our sponsored team predicts that content focusing on user experience rather than products will continue to thrive. Most notably, the use of visual elements, interactive content (such as quizzes, polls, maps, etc.) and video will likely be cornerstones of successful content campaigns. With these emerging trends, AI and analytics will present immense value for measuring success, generating reports, and developing cohesive content strategies.


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