One of the most important parts of any successful Search Engine Optimization campaign is ensuring the website content is up-to-date and relevant. We have all heard “Content is King.”

(Usable) Content Is King

There are a LOT of things clients can do to help this content get found quicker by Google (AND by potential visitors!)

  1. Link from important pages! The more internal links websites have to their content, the better!
  2. Think about some of the OLD content! We always focus on adding more content when tweaking existing content and/or using old content to link to the new content can be incredibly helpful!
  3. Share that content socially! We focus on Facebook and perhaps Twitter, but other social aggregators like Reddit are incredibly powerful.
    • (for advanced) Think of links like tiers of a pyramid … while we always want our specific landing page to rank well sometimes we can get there by not only boosting that specific page but boosting the pages that boost that page! For example –

Facebook Post links to —> Website Content
We could take this up another level by –
Reddit post linking to —> Facebook Post linking to —> Website Content

In this case, the Reddit post will help boost the value of the Facebook post, which then makes the link to the website content even better.

Image result for tiers of links

At the end of the day, writing content without a plan to actually help that content rank well could just be wasted effort.