Redefining purposes during isolation times.

Having the ability to see the bright side of things sometimes requires resilience and detachment. During trying times like these, seeking new opportunities is almost like a mandatory modus operandi. 

Michael Bungay Stanier, author of “The Coaching Habit”, emphasizes the importance of asking deeper questions to promote engagement. During an interview with Chris Do on TheFutur podcast, he pointed out that, “curiosity is the foundation of real relationships.”

Under unusual circumstances, many people and especially local business owners are struggling to keep their heads up. The common questions that come to mind are, “what should I do now” and  “how should I do it”?

It is important to mention here that the fastest route isn’t always the safest. In other words, in light of a world-changing event like this pandemic, taking practical measures to save your business such as promotions, discounts or freebies could help momentarily. But would it be enough to prevail in the aftermath?

Why don’t we start with the “why”?

The book “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek sheds light on the relationship between business and consumers—which is crucial to consider at this point. The second chapter “Carrots and Sticks” states that there is a big difference between an ordinary transaction and loyalty. 

While a model based on transaction could serve to achieve short-term goals using immediately focused tactics, consumer loyalty requires a deeper understanding of the audience but also a self-analysis. Sinek proposes a shift in how we approach business communication to address this. Usually, companies start presenting what (features), how (advantages), and only a few of them can clearly define why (purpose) they do what they do. He states that successful companies do it contrariwise.

To reinforce this insight and drive home the value, Sinek used a real case. When Creative Technology was competing for the portable MP3 market in the early 2000s, they advertised their product as a “5GB mp3 player”. On the other hand, Apple, marketed the mp3 player by saying it would put “1,000 songs in your pocket.” Essentially the product is the same, yet the result is very different because Apple started with the why. 

There’s an audience waiting for you.

People who are taking this time to find their why and deeply connect with their target audiences are steps ahead of the pack. By showing purpose and offering value, they most likely will be top-of-mind for their audiences as life resumes to a new normal. 

As you consider this and review your own business strategy, know that our team of experts is available to help your business take the next step and succeed online—just reach out.