2017 was the year of showing emotion

More than ever, people were expressing themselves on social media through EMOJIS! On Facebook Messenger alone, over 500 BILLION emojis were used throughout conversations! One thing that I personally admire about the roll-out of reactions on Facebook posts, is that the ❤️ reaction was the most used.

Social media has a bad rap for spreading fake news or for spreading hate 👎. When I see a CNN story come out or a cute 🐶 video, people respond with love (mostly). It’s a sign that we’re all connected online and offline and care for the same things, which is another cool way to show how we’re all connected when we feel the same way towards something.

Speaking of love, Facebook Messenger’s year in review report saw these three days as the most active day for chats:
– New Years Day
– Valentines Day
– Mothers Day

Some would say emojis are another language where we add a new level of communication. I give a 👍 to that! Here’s to a great 2018.