Shopify Lite

As demand for e-commerce continues to grow, we are pleased to now be offering a Shopify Lite integration for WordPress websites. This is a perfect option for clients who already have their own WordPress website and want to add e-commerce functionality, or are wanting an e-commerce site without the design and functional limitations of Shopify. It is also a great option for merchants who want to sell their products or services in person. 

With Shopify Lite, clients now have the option to access all Shopify’s powerful features with the enhanced customer experience of a WordPress website. Shopify Lite includes a Buy Button and a Shopify POS Lite sales channel, which allows merchants to add the shopping cart function easily to their WordPress website. 

Shopify Lite is the most affordable of all the Shopify plans, at $9 USD/month. It allows for unlimited products and collections (i.e., product categories), discount codes, gift cards and more. 

Let’s delve into the main features:

Buy Button:

  • Allows you to embed individual products onto any page of a website
  • Allows you to embed collections onto any page of a website
  • There are at least three different styles for each type of embed, and different options for interactions with the cart

Shopify POS Lite:

With Shopify Lite you can use the Shopify Lite POS system. Merchants will need to purchase and connect POS hardware, as well as set up the Shopify POS app on devices. Here are some Shopify POS Lite features:

  • Integrated payment hardware with Shopify Payments
  • Non-payment retail hardware integrations
  • Customizable smart grid
  • Add/edit customer profiles
  • Customer View app
  • Multi-location inventory, orders and customer management
  • Email/SMS receipts
  • Discount codes/manual discounts ($, %)
  • Sell & Redeem gift cards
  • Camera barcode scanning
  • Custom sales
  • Offline cash payments
  • Email Carts
  • Refunds
  • Cash Tracking

Social Shopping:

With Shopify’s Facebook and Instagram sales channels, you can track and manage your ad campaigns and orders through Shopify Lite. Here are some of the main features of Social Shopping:

  • Adds a buy button to your listed products
  • Seamlessly connects to Shopify checkout without leaving the app–no breakage in user flow
  • Sell from one inventory
  • Automatically syncs updates from Shopify to your social media catalogues
  • Order and customer data tracking

GMD E-Commerce Support Plan 

To support the success of our e-commerce clients, we are now offering a monthly e-com support plan. For $88 per month, clients can receive up to one hour of support which could include changes to website content, product updates, or additional Shopify training. We especially recommend this plan for e-commerce clients who are inexperienced with e-commerce and require support in the early months of running e-commerce. 

Similarly to our Website Hosting & Maintenance plans, the hour must be used in its allocated month and cannot be accrued if unused. 

Clients with a GMD WordPress website with Shopify Lite integration will have the option of being on our standard Hosting & Maintenance plan. 

For pricing or more information about Shopify Lite or our E-Commerce Support plan, contact me at