Along with operating an event catering business, Boy with a Knife (BWAK) is also a deli and grill lunch spot, based in Richmond, B.C. With an expanding multi-model business, the company had outgrown its original website and needed a glow-up to express a new vision for the brand’s style and flavour.

🔍 The Discovery

From the moment we received the project’s discovery package, our team was excited to be part of improving the website user experience, as well as developing BWAK’s online visual language. Their team had already been working with other talented creators, such as illustrators, photographers and florists, to create a multitude of eye-catching assets. This project was about bringing it all together.

Another theme that came through in our discovery process was the idea of a “shiny penny” –a humble burger that is elevated to new heights of quality and taste. So herein lay the core (and contradictory) challenge: ”Make it punk, but make it classy.”

🎨 The Design Direction

Our design development process began with an analysis of 30 websites that the client loved. This gave us a starting point for imagining the new BWAK design direction.

BWAK photography examples

We then moved on to study the client’s photography assets: extravagant botanical arrangements; artfully plated hors d’oeuvres; guests in their most peacock-worthy fashion ensembles–all bathed in neon lighting. This led us to a visual concept we like to call Neon Flora & Fauna. We knew we had found our punk-but-classy art direction, and it must be stated for the record that BWAK’s investment in high quality photography was key to this revelation.

With all of the visual elements finding a home in this concept, we were then able to assemble the new website. Experience it for yourself here.

User Experience 🤝 Brand Experience

One of the delight features you’ll find throughout the site are the micro-animations that appear as you browse. We also applied fun flickering animation to draw attention to call-to-action buttons and titles.

Expect to see more of these micro-animations across the web going forward. With greater awareness of standardized user flows and navigation structures, consumers are starting to expect more of the unexpected – they want to be delighted.

🔑 Key Takeaways

The new BWAK website is a balance of fun and function, teeming with a whole new visual ecosystem of neon buttons, sweet vegetation, and a skateboarding mascot.

This project serves as a reminder that your business won’t always be the startup it once was. When the time comes to give it a well-deserved glow-up, take it as an opportunity to set a new, fearless, and confident vision for your brand expression.