I am thrilled that Vancouver Is Awesome is the newest publication to join our product mix at Glacier Media. The digital team is so jacked about it that we are dedicating this e-news as an extended introduction: the get-to-know (here), the sponsored content need-to-know (here), and the fun facts did-you-know (look below).

As a follower slash fan slash nerd, I love that VIAwesome is so happy and upbeat. Rain slogging naysayers will need to look elsewhere because this is one hundred percent Fun City.
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  • V.I.A. has the 4th largest Facebook following amongst media in Vancouver, right below CBC and right above the Vancouver Sun.  They have a whopping 130,000 followers on Twitter and 75,000 on Instagram.
  • It’s been around for 10 years.
  • Their goal is to connect Vancouverites with all of the awesome reasons they live in our city. It’s positive, hyper-local and aimed directly at residents: 80% of readers are in the Lower Mainland.
  • They’re known for working with clients on creative Custom Content campaigns.




  • Vancouver Is Awesome produces a history TV show called BC Was Awesome, which was nominated for a Leo Award in its first season. They’re now releasing Season 2.
  • Weekly Facebook reach is 1,000,000 people!
  • The most popular feature EVER was this photo gallery from “The Great Storm of 2015”. This piece of user-generated content was clicked almost 200,000 times.
  • The most popular categories are Road Trips/Travel, Cheap Stuff, Shopping and Local History.