Did you know that the average household owns 7 internet-connected devices? It’s more important than ever to be responsive.

When the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) rolled out new ad guidelines last July, which reset industry best practices around flexible, cross-screen, and non-invasive digital advertising experiences, our digital teams had already been working two steps ahead to adapt to this shift in ad-tech. Months prior, we had all signed up for training bootcamp and came out with the skills that enabled us to build responsive HTML5 programmatic display campaigns with advanced specs.

We were also faced with having to develop new production processes, and because we were early adopters of new tech where few others had paved the way before us, we had to solve a slew of problems on our own (this is where we give a shoutout to our senior talent for doing a lot of the problem solving. Raise them hands!  🙌 ). Our teams even helped external new-tech developers identify bugs and fixes to improve their product – how’s that for getting more done?

Upcoming Challenges for Clients
As responsive ad units are globally adopted over the next 2 years, SMB clients may face more challenges in producing their own ad creatives – the production around responsive ads requires advanced skills and is more time-consuming than building a static creative. But rest assured, our design teams are prepared to help. Not only are we ahead of the game, we are continually learning new tricks and creative implementations as HTML5 ad-tech continues to advance.