Welcome to Team Talk, a new feature which asks members of a GMD squad about the good work that they do daily. In Team Talk, we’ll explore areas of digital marketing and how they’re serviced, and as we do, look at the service itself at a granular level.

This edition of Team Talk is a chat with our Digital Coordinators a.k.a. the DCs. DCs are the glue in every project–this team has a hands-on understanding of strategy, delivery, reporting, analytics, and they’re masters of all of it. Read on to learn more.

What does a typical day look like for you as a digital coordinator? What are your primary responsibilities? 

As a Digital Coordinator, I manage digital campaigns for multiple clients while ensuring customer satisfaction. This includes closely monitoring campaign performance and analyzing key metrics to gauge their effectiveness. I’m also responsible for compiling monthly or quarterly reports that provide clients with a clear overview of their campaign’s progress. Additionally, I conduct audits and provide product information/suggestions for future campaigns. 

A typical day can vary as I adapt to the specific needs of each project and task. Some days are dedicated to meetings with the GMD team to improve our internal communication, or with clients to discuss their marketing strategies. Other days consist of more reporting, crafting proposal decks, and addressing urgent questions or requests.

Ultimately, the primary role of a Digital Coordinator is to be the bridge between sales, production, and clients. Our role requires us to stay very organized to ensure no details are missed, and that all campaigns run smoothly. The end of a successful campaign is always a rewarding experience. – Noelle


Customer success is at the core of your role. Could you share a memorable success story where your team made a significant impact on a customer’s experience? 

As a Digital Coordinator, we have the opportunity to work with many clients in different industries. A significant part of our role is to not only helping onboard clients and with day-to-day marketing requests, but we also help optimize campaigns to ensure our clients results align with their goals. We share their campaign success through integrated reports and reporting calls to ensure we are meeting their needs. My most memorable part of this role is seeing clients happy when they see the impact that their marketing campaign has made. It’s hard to pinpoint only one client’s success but if I had to pick, it would be our “Luxury Furniture” client. We have been doing marketing for them for over 3 years now and the traffic has been increasing to their site by a significant amount every year. We are continuously pivoting/changing their campaign to reach their target audience and to keep up with new marketing trends. Seeing their online footprint and brand awareness grow has been rewarding especially when sharing these results with the client. All of this could not have been possible without the GMDs Social, Design, Google, and Ad Operations team. We are constantly working together to ensure the client gets the best marketing and customer service. – Neeta


The digital landscape is constantly evolving. How do you anticipate and proactively address challenges that may arise for your customers? 

Within a rapidly changing industry like digital marketing, It’s always important to recognize that there are always going to be curveballs! This is particularly important in consideration of the vast variety of different client verticals we support. What’s worked well for one client may not necessarily achieve the same results for others. My best advice? Always be willing to pivot. – Nicole


In the world of digital, staying up-to-date with industry trends is crucial. How do you keep yourself informed and continually adapt to changes? 

Remaining current with industry trends is undeniably essential, and there exist various approaches to achieve this. Personally, I engage in reading blogs, listening to podcasts, renewing my certifications, and engaging in conversations with colleagues to discover their latest learnings and incorporate new skills into my toolkit. Bilal


Collaboration often plays a key role in achieving customer success. How does the team work together to ensure seamless customer experiences?

Our project management software provides connections with each product manager in GMD. DCs make sure updates and insights discovered through client meetings or through the creation of integrated reports are fed to each team in an actionable format and check across projects to make sure there’s minimum hiccups with communication, and provide clarifications and asset collection to each product manager to ensure client’s goal is achieved within scope – Toby


Metrics and data analysis are essential for measuring success. What key performance indicators (KPIs) do you track, and how do you use them to improve customer outcomes?

  • Click Through Rate (CTR) to measure the audience’s response to the ads. Depending on the results, we modify the creative or recommend changing the offer (when this is a possibility).
  • Conversion Rate to measure the campaigns effectiveness at generating leads / sales. We use this KPI to attribute conversions to different channels and modify targeting strategy and/or channel breakdown based on outcome.
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) – To measure the revenues generated from the ad spend and determine the overall effectiveness of the online campaigns. – Ivi

Can you share some insights into the tools and technologies that are essential for your role?

In my role, some of the tools I use most frequently are keyword search tools and technology lookup tools which are essential for performing digital audits. Keyword search tools such as SEMrush help me with keyword research, competitor analysis, and rank tracking. Wappalyzer is a tech lookup tool that I use which provides insights into website technologies, including CMS identification and tracking pixel detection. These tools enable me to pinpoint areas where our clients can enhance their online presence and marketing activities. Moreover, the information I glean from the audits allows me to collaborate effectively with our sales representatives, enabling us to recommend tailored products that align with our clients’ unique digital presence and marketing strategies. – Alex

Finally, what excites you most about the future of digital marketing and how do you see your team contributing to it? 

The digital world is constantly evolving as different platforms are introduced. So, learning new skills is the most exciting part of our jobs. The digital coordinator’s team is always eager to learn new tools and update their information based on market and customer needs. The learning club in GMD motivates us to learn more every day to be a better version of ourselves.  – Mona