The online advertising industry is undergoing a significant shift in how marketers are able to track and target users across the internet. As the desire for online privacy and security has increased, the regulations surrounding data collection are becoming stricter, and the major tech companies are finding it important to give their users more control over how their personal data is used.

All of the major browsers are starting to block third-party cookies, which are often used to track site activity and help segment users for advertising purposes. Programmatic display relies heavily on these cookies in its real-time bidding process, which is forcing DSPs to consider how their business models will have to adapt. In-app inventory won’t be affected, and site retargeting might still be possible, since it uses pixels rather than cookies for collecting users, but the efficacy and ability of other targeting tactics will certainly see a decline.

This development only reinforces the importance of collecting first-party data that can be used for segmenting users and creating personalized advertising experiences. Fortunately, Glacier Media is in a unique position as a publisher as well as a marketer. We are able to develop different audiences, based on such factors as geography, demographics or interests, using a variety of sources: our own website analytics and social media channels, subscription data, as well as offline sources. The effective use of data management platforms to organize what is collected into usable information is critical to how we evolve and ensure the privacy of our site visitors in the changing online landscape. We also expect to see an increased demand in private marketplace and programmatic guaranteed deals as advertisers seek to leverage our network of premium news websites.