Have you ever clicked an image on your social feed only to land on a webpage that doesn’t have visual/message consistency? As a user, this drives me crazy. Let’s call that a negative micro-moment.

On an individual level, some might consider such a micro-moment an innocuous one. Harmless, right? Now imagine that experience multiplied by a thousand users who clicked on that image. It doesn’t seem so harmless now, does it?

That brand’s oversight puts at risk an opportunity to demonstrate brand integrity, build loyalty with current followers, or capture some conversions. Should those same users come across a future ad from that same brand, they may hesitate to click on that image or link.

Yes, that one itty-bitty, inconsistent micro-moment can do that kind of damage.

Think of it like this: you order a burger at a restaurant and end up with a bowl of soup. And then the waiter might even say, “This soup is essentially made from the same ingredients as the burger. Enjoy.” Would you go back to that restaurant?

Message matching is about building trust with your audience

Something as simple as message matching contributes to building brand trust. The more consistencies you can build between your marketing touch points, the better.

We have some simple tips to help you start on the right foot, followed by a few visual samples to provide context.

  1. Landing Pages should have a single focus and so should your ads.
    What is the action you would like a user to take? Is it to get them to click through to your product page? Do you want them to join your mailing list? Do you want them to call your business? Download a flyer? Pick one and build your campaign around it.

  2. Keep the message simple.
    Read this article for more tips on building ads.

  3. Only one dedicated, promotion-specific landing page for each ad campaign.
    In other words, try not to advertise 2 different promotions on a single landing page.

  4. Refresh your ads and your landing page at the same time to ensure message match.


The client’s homepage banner is frequently updated to match every brand awareness ad campaign, using different themed messages paired with bright colours. The messaging opportunities are endless and the art direction is consistent.


This client’s campaign references the popular ‘distracted boyfriend’ meme to get the message across. The campaign mix also incorporates a ‘distracted girlfriend’ variant ad to tell the same campaign story and build on the humourous approach.


This integrated campaign has multiple ad campaigns that drive traffic to the campaign hub site. Ads either match the hero banner or the feature images of participating businesses. Users know they are in the right place no matter which ad they clicked on to end up on the campaign hub.


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