Super Bowl LIII, featuring the New England Patriots vs. the Los Angeles Rams, was televised to over 98 million viewers on February 3, 2019. We can also guarantee that over 98 million people would love to get that four hours of their life back, with what could go down as the most lacklustre Super Bowl of all-time. Two of the top four rated offences went head to head, averaging a total of 58.5 points per game combined during the regular season. This game was destined to be a shootout. However, the teams combined for a total of 16 points on the world’s biggest stage (Let’s hope you took the under!).

Some viewers seemed to foresee this travesty as TV ratings in 2019 were down from the past two Super Bowls when they attracted 111.3 million viewers (2017) and 103.4 million viewers (2018). We can assign this lack of viewership to the controversy of the NFC Championship game, the fact that the Patriots seem to make it every year, or simply because… who likes Maroon 5?

Regardless of these facts, as with every year, advertisers spent millions of their marketing dollars to promote their brand to disappointed football fans around the globe. The average 30-second commercial slotted in this prime-time slot would cost advertisers roughly 5 million U.S. dollars to make. That didn’t stop advertisers from creating some memorable Super Bowl commercials.

We understand in Canada that we aren’t as lucky as Americans when it comes to Super Bowl commercials. That is a fair trade off for everything else happening in America these days. In case you didn’t get the chance to see these high-budgeted commercials, we have created our top 5 list for you to enjoy!

  1. Olay

The next big horror film, or an ad for skin product? You be the judge. This one features Sarah Michelle Gellar, a notorious scream queen.

  1. Hyundai

Imagine Jason Bateman as an operator for the most unpleasant elevator ride you have ever been on. You may wish to stop at the courthouse, the dentist’s office or re-live “the talk” with your Father. Thank God for Hyundai.

  1. Stella Artois

This commercial features two of the most notorious drunks in Hollywood history, The Big Lebowski and Carrie Bradshaw. They both give up their beloved White Russian and Cosmopolitan for the smooth taste of a Stella Artois, or as The Big Lebowski would say “Stella Artoes”.

  1. Pepsi

This commercial may be the most star-studded of them all (other than the NFL 100 Year Game, of course). It features Steve Carrel, Cardi B and Lil Jon. Quite the tandem.

  1. Bud Light

The commercials that had everyone talking were Bud Light’s Game of Thrones-themed ads. The first of the two ensured viewers understood that Bud Light does not use corn syrup when brewing their beer, while Miller Light and Coors Light do. The second is crafted as somewhat of a teaser trailer for the last season of Game of Thrones, with a guest appearance from Gregor Clegane and one of the Khaleesi’s dragons.

Super Bowl 53 was broadcast Sunday, February 3rd on NBC, from Atlanta, Georgia.