Whenever a new website is sold, one of the first project tasks we follow up are the assets. The two logins we always ask for are the Domain and Hosting. If the client already has a domain and hosting purchased, that’s great – send them our way! In many cases, the client does not know where to find this, does not have it and the following information will help.

If the client has a domain or hosting does not know where it is, A Whois search will provide the client with the information to recover their accounts. Simply type the domain name to get information on the domain.

If the client’s domain is owned by a third-party business, they should try to regain control of it right away. The client should always own their business’ domain. The best way to do this is by setting up a GoDaddy account as their “Domain Registrar” and have their domain transferred there where they own full rights.

Now that the client owns their domain, let’s look at the hosting options available for their website.

Although companies like GoDaddy and HostGator offer Website hosting, there is always a catch. You only get a discount the first time you purchase a hosting cPanel and you almost always have to pay the full cost upfront. That can be unpleasant news for the client, especially when they just purchased a brand new website and now they have to think about these hidden costs of running a website. Furthermore, sites like GoDaddy and HostGator charge additional for backups and an SSL Certificate, which could take the client’s costs to hundred dollars upfront.

If the client is using GoDaddy or HostGator as their domain registrar, they do not necessarily need to purchase their hosting from there as well. GoDaddy’s servers are located in Boston, which means that the server response time from Vancouver is going to be pretty slow. Wouldn’t be great if you could pick servers closer to Vancouver to reduce server response time and increase page speed?

You’re in luck. Cloud-based hosting is now the emerging trend and available for clients who do not want to make a heavy hosting purchase upfront and would like to have daily backups of their website and an SSL certified website. A hosting company like Flywheel provides this type of hosting and starting costs are $18 CAD, depending on the size of the site and the amount of traffic. Not to mention, the speed of these sites is extremely fast, just take a look at one of our client’s website that is hosted on Flywheel.

If you thought that was amazing, wait until you hear this. Glacier Media Digital now offers hosting services similar to Flywheel’s Business Model. If clients can provide us with access to their Domain Registrar, they will get a really fast website, emergency backups, and a free SSL certificate for a competitive price. The cost of hosting is $20/month and currently only available for clients who have purchased a Theme Website. Having the client host with us is just one way to keep clients happy and peace of mind. Here is a Theme website hosted on our servers.

If you have questions about Glacier’s hosting services, please ask Manny Sidhu.