This is our last blog about AI in digital marketing, and we will discuss how AI can help digital marketers increase businesses’ conversions, target past customers, and enhance ad targeting. And introducing some AI tools that help digital marketers improve their advertising campaigns.

Increase businesses’ conversions

We can have smarter targeting, which increases our ROI. In other words, we can create personalized campaigns once AI tools analyze customer purchase histories and behaviors. This can increase conversion rates and decrease costs per acquisition, resulting in higher revenue.

Target past customers and enhance ad targeting

AI can help us segment our customers based on demographics, geography, interests, behaviors, hours of purchase, weather, and devices.

So, we can target our past clients’ browsing and purchase histories and suggest products based on their needs and preferences. By analyzing patterns and trends, AI algorithms can recognize the most relevant consumer segments for a particular product or service. This can help marketers improve their targeting capabilities and deliver the ads to the right people at the right time.

Popular AI tools for marketing

Here is a list of popular AI tools that can help marketers improve marketing strategies and provide a more personalized experience to customers.

Hugging Face

Hugging Face is an AI tool for marketing that can be used to provide personalized experiences to users.


Drift is an AI-powered marketing platform that helps identify conversations with website visitors, leads, and customers in real time.


Cortex is a marketing platform that helps businesses improve their customer experience.

Acquia Lift

Acquia Lift is an AI-driven personalization tool that enables us to deliver relevant and consistent content across multiple channels.

In a nutshell, artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that is meant to imitate human psychology and intelligence. AI tools can help us to have deeper insights into customer behavior, personalize campaigns, predict future behavior, and optimize campaigns in real-time, helping businesses target their advertising.