Sunday scaries? More like rap legendaries to carry us into the week!

February 13 is now in our collective subconscious as the day we realized how important it was to see 50 Cent hanging upside down once again. Many of us will remember Sunday as the day Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp made us jump so high we had to scrape nachos from the ceiling in the aftermath (at least I did). But here at GMD, we are excited about another great year for Super Bowl ads!

Here we present our three favourite ads of Super Bowl LVI.


Lay’s Golden Memories

Seth Rogen & Paul Rudd are a match made in heaven. Lays give us a trip down memory lane while prompting us to eat that crunchy golden deliciousness. As always, the duo delivers with well-timed gags and quite an unexpected turn of events. Is the stalker part of the groom’s men??


Uber Don’t Eats

Uber keeps growing, and as they eat their competition, they remind us that even if they can bring us a varied assortment of products directly to our house, not all of them are edible. Using a few cameos and footage of adults eating household items, Uber expands on their services with a few laughs and some heavy cringe moments.


Coinbase Super Bowl Commercial

Effective. Memorable. Straightforward. Simply put, here is a video of a QR code moving around your screen. Yet, why have I watched this ad five times already?


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