In the previous blog, we discussed the impact of AI on digital marketing, including customer segmentation, predictive analytics, and voice search optimization.

As we mentioned earlier, the effects of artificial intelligence are not limited to these topics. Let’s discuss more about the other advantages of AI in the digital marketing industry:

Analyze customer behavior and increase customer engagement

AI customer behavior analytics can help digital marketers create different model behaviors. AI can predict customer behavior by analyzing vast amounts of data and creating patterns and traits that can help us anticipate customer needs and interests.On the other hand, the chatbots can provide support 24/7, reducing the need for human customer service. This can reduce costs, increase customer engagement and satisfaction, and increase sales by maximizing the customer’s lifetime.

Anticipate purchase preferences and predict future trends

AI systems can analyze clients browsing and purchase histories and suggest products based on their needs and preferences. This can create enjoyable and convenient customer experiences, leading to increased sales.ChatGPT and Google Bard are two main language models that can use algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data to predict customers’ trends and patterns. This can help digital marketers develop strategies to increase leads.

Detect churn tendencies

In general, AI can reduce customer churn in three main ways. AI can identify customers’ intent on leaving by analyzing vast amounts of data. Customer churn occurs when customer expectations are not fulfilled and customers switch to a competitor. Digital marketing, with the help of AI, can uncover specific profile attributes like income, gender, number of products, age, and even categories to predict which clients are more likely to leave.
Once they detect the customers, AI can help design interventions based on data and develop strategies to combat churn, like improving product offerings or adjusting their marketing strategies. With personalization of the client’s experience, brands can encourage them to stay longer.

In our next blog, we will discuss how AI can help digital marketers increase businesses’ conversions, target past customers, and enhance ad targeting.