If you could have pizza and beer with top agencies leaders, who would you want to hang out with and would you like to know their thoughts on the State of Marketing in 2019?

Say no more. The Vancouver Digital Project Managers made our dreams come true this month when they hosted their 4th Annual Agency Leaders Summit, featuring an all-women panel of leaders from prolific agencies. This sold out event, which took place at Mobify’s sleek headquarters, drew in their largest crowd to date. This is no surprise given the roster of speakers.

This year’s panelists included:

  • Patty Jones: President at DDB Canada, Vancouver
  • Lyn Bryan: CEO of Major Tom
  • Nora Ahern: Managing Director of Noise Digital
  • Annabelle King: Founder, Brand & Digital Consultant at I Like Storytelling
  • Laura Larson: Director of Marketing Operations at Glacier Media Digital
  • Jennifer Brady: Senior Director, Digital Strategist at Edelman
This was such a hot ticket that I hadn’t managed to secure my own ticket. But I am writing this recap which means that I was, in fact, in the audience. “How?” you might ask. I crashed the party and pushed my way in. Pro tip: For industry events, make sure the door people know you are hiring. BTW, Glacier Media is hiring: http://glaciermedia.com/careers#all

Recognize a familiar face? Laura Larson, GMD’s Director of Marketing Operations, was invited to be part of this illustrious panel, where each panelist had 15 minutes to ask her peers a set of questions about topics ranging from the future of the industry, spontaneous content, brand safety in a digital world, influencer drama and disruptive innovation.

This brings me to my recap, which only consists of one thought-provoking statement from each panelist. This is what you came for, no?