With the average person spending five hours a day online, a website is the new business card. Which is why your business’ site needs to make a stellar first (and second, and third) impression. Here are a few questions every business owner should be asking themselves to determine whether their company’s website is boosting their brand, or harming it.

  1. When was the last time we underwent a redesign? Does the look of your site reflect your brand as it is today, or is it looking a little three years ago? The unwritten rule is that a site should undergo an overhaul every five years to ensure the style remains contemporary and relevant; some would say that design can start looking a little stale after only two years. Based in Vancouver, our expert team at Glacier Media Digital can support you in designing a winning, on-brand and of-the-moment website.


  1. Is our site meeting the goals we set for it? Whether it is e-commerce sales or new clients signing up for your services, you likely had a goal for your site when you originally created it. If your website it no longer helping you achieve those goals, it’s time for a change.


  1. How user-friendly is my website? Is it easy to navigate? Is it mobile-responsive? Is it optimized for various browsers and platforms? Are there any broken links, missing text or images? Do the current traffic flows result in the sales or conversions you are hoping for? Problems in these areas can be frustrating for users and do nothing to promote your brand. Our web design team at Glacier Media Digital can help map out a smooth, enjoyable user experience for your clients.


  1. How are our numbers? Google Analytics reports are the single best tool for measuring your website’s performance. Knowing how many daily, weekly and monthly visitors you have (and whether that number is growing or declining), which pages they visit, where those visitors come from (whether it’s social media, a newsletter link or another site), and which types of content they are most intrigued by will help you tweak and adjust your website, and your entire marketing strategy for that matter, to position it for success.


Based in Vancouver, digital marketing agency Glacier Media Digital can help you design a website that reflects your business needs today. Contact us for a consultation.