There are multiple times throughout my week when I’m listening to music where I will switch from Spotify to Soundcloud. The reason? Their ads are so repetitive and that 30 seconds that their ad is playing can be a real buzz kill for me when I’m on a roll. 😴

The same principle applies to Paid Social advertising and it may be something that more Facebook and Instagram users may be numb to now because we are just so bombarded with marketing messages in our feeds. This is a concept known as Ad Fatigue and it may be a serious issue to advertisers.

Like Google, advertisers are competing against space on Facebook. Without a strategy, so much of an advertiser’s ad spend budget can go to waste without optimizing and adjusting messages to get discovered. Here are a few golden rules I can pass on to getting noticed:

  1. Rotate your ads

This is probably the simplest thing you can do. Think of running your ads on a schedule. Some advertisers swap out their ads after three days whereas some other advertisers swap out after two weeks. It depends on the goal of the campaign, but it is a good way to keep your ad fresh.

  1. Test out your copy

I feel like there is a new study that comes out weekly saying how you can get people’s attention on social media. Play around with this. You cannot perfect a campaign right off the bat, so AB test with your copy. Maybe use a shorter caption or a longer caption where you throw in some emojis. After a test period, see where you are getting the best results, and maybe invest more of your ad spend into that instead of knowing you have seen the most success out of that.

  1. Play with objectives

When I ask a client what their main objective that they wish to achieve through paid social is, the first thing I usually hear is “get more conversions”. Okay. But what is a conversion to you? This can be something like driving more clicks to your website, physical purchases, phone calls. Facebook has a number of options to support these goals, but these are good to identify ahead of time. From there, I would usually run multiple campaigns to see which one of these conversions are being received the best.

  1. Make it look natural!

This is where you get creative! We are bombarded by so many marketing messages in a day. Some of them look too sales-y for words and some of them look like they’re part of your newsfeed when you’re scrolling. That is what you want to aim for! Know your platform and know what elements capture your targeted audience’s attention.


Don’t be one of those people where I click “I don’t want to see these ads anymore”. Get noticed and work with these simple strategies.