Seaspan, a major shipbuilder in Canada, sought a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for their North Vancouver shipyard for a three month recruitment campaign. The campaign was extended to six months given the initial success and to maintain the momentum of response.

The client’s main challenge was generating enough awareness and applications to fill numerous vacancies for five highly specific job categories simultaneously.

Glacier Media Digital delivered a digital marketing strategy that incorporated various advertising channels including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Programmatic Display Ads, Sponsored Articles, Digital Out of Home, among other tactics. To cater to the client’s multiple job vacancies, we created distinct creatives for each position while maintaining a consistent look and feel across all creatives to unify the campaign’s appearance in line with the corporate brand identity.

Throughout the campaign, we regularly provided extensive reporting on a channel-by-channel basis and continuously made adjustments to the campaigns based on the analytics results. One of the most effective tools/tactics we utilized was targeting the audience demographic based on historical geofencing data. We looked at job sites where potential applicants might work, and then we built an audience based on historical data of people being present in these locations. The campaigns targeting this audience performed twice the regular average for online behavioural targeting.

The results:

  • Programmatic Display CTR – 0.41%
  • Historical Geofencing Display CTR – 0.80%
  • Social Media Engagements – 30,000+
  • Conversions – 3,600+
  • Hires – 821 (updated data, per Seaspan January 2024)


“The recent recruitment campaign from Glacier Media Digital was a massive success, contributing to Seaspan’s 675 new, skilled-trades hires in 2023—more than 2x the number of hires we expected. We are excited to work with them on future campaigns in 2024”.
-Ali Hounsell
Director, Communications
Seaspan ULC

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