In case the recent days (and weeks, and months) have become somewhat of a blurry memory marked by polishing off numerous Netflix series and finally mastering that sourdough recipe—September officially welcomes the six-month working-from-home anniversary.

So we wanted to check-in, how’s everybody doing out there?

While some are undoubtedly loving the WFH life of rolling out of bed into the office, it’s not all pyjamas and baked goods (as we’ve learned). Developing a successful working from home routine has forced us to evaluate our communication, workflows, habits and values. No easy feat.

As a team, we’ve not only risen to the challenge but actually managed to turn lemons into lemonade by taking back time and creating personal routines that make us more productive, and most importantly, happy.

In honour of this working-from-home milestone, we’re recapping the ongoing Step Into My Office Instagram series, featuring tips and tricks our team has learned along the way.

Mamio, Design Manager

“Working from home can be challenging for an extrovert like me. I keep my place tidy and use an essential oil diffuser to help me stay calm and focused.

“Giving my co-workers a call, versus sending an email gives me a chance to tell a joke (or hassle them about things to send me!) and get a good laugh.”

Lara, Social Strategist

“I’ve realized that when I’m working from home, I love sitting by the window—so I’ve taken over the kitchen table. I’m lucky to be at the canopy level of the trees in my apartment, so it can be a very relaxing view.

“An essential for me while working from home is oat milk (specifically adding oat milk to my coffee). I discovered it a couple of weeks ago and it’s been an absolute game-changer!”

Lebon, Graphic Designer

“I live on ground level so I miss out on the views that the city has to offer. That’s why I try to take pieces of nature home with me, be it my teak wood table or my desk plants.

“As of last weekend, I am now a proud moss dad of a Kokedama plant. Looking at it every day reminds me to move at my own pace, and be patient when it comes to personal growth. I’m hoping to be able to take these lessons to other aspects of my life, creating a nurturing environment that supports the growth of others.”

Adriano, User Experience Designer

“I’ve been enjoying more time in the morning—having a good breakfast, or even studying before I start working are some positives through these trying times.

“Of course, I miss the team and there is nothing digital that could replace a face-to-face conversation, but I have to confess I adapted to this new routine more easily than I’d imagined.”

Andrea, Social Media Specialist

“I recently learned that novelty could trigger our brain to produce dopamine, hence improve our focus. Have you ever found yourself more productive in a coffee shop than at home?

“Changing the work environment definitely helps. When I feel distracted or tired, I will introduce a bit of novelty to my workday by switching between sitting and standing or putting on a new playlist.”

Katie, Director of Social Media

“I occasionally worked from home before the pandemic, but I didn’t have to juggle a five-year-old at the same time. 

“Thankfully, we’re fortunate enough to have a useless ‘guest bedroom,’ which I promptly converted into my home office— complete with our old living room furniture. We can’t have guests over anymore, anyways.

“Dedicated space aside, it’s been equal parts routine, equal parts organized chaos that’s gotten us all through.”

Ian, Director of Digital Operations

“The shift to remote working has compelled us all to reevaluate what we need out of a workspace in order to be productive and stay motivated. 

“It’s essential that your home office is free of distractions such as instruments and books and sweet new Dyson vacuum cleaners. Your shelf should contain no clutter and be able to hold up everything you store on it without practically collapsing under the weight… Then again, if you’re not able to follow these simple guidelines, at least make sure your desk is very close to some plants and a coffee.”

While there’s no magic formula for the perfect work from home set-up, we’ll leave you with this golden nugget of advice: A comfortable chair will change your (working) life.

Wishing you smooth Zoom calls, from your friends at GMD.