What is a tagline? And why is having a great one important to the success of your brand? 

A tagline is a short phrase that tells consumers about a brand’s value. At GMD, our brand tagline is “Get More Done” (G-M-D).

A great tagline is simple and memorable, and it gets people thinking about a company’s products and services. A tagline is similar to a slogan; however, the difference is that a slogan focuses on what a company offers, such as its mission statement, and is more product specific. For example, the Skittles slogan—“Taste the Rainbow”—describes the product in a unique and creative way.

Here are 3 examples of great taglines:

Spotify: Music for Everyone

What makes it great?
This tagline is short and sweet. It’s perfect for Spotify’s brand as a music streaming service because it clearly explains what the brand offers: music for everyone. Spotify is easily accessible, offering both free and subscription options, and it’s
great at providing personalized music suggestions that cater to each user. “Music for everyone” also helps to evoke feelings of inclusion and belonging, which are positive feelings one might associate with the brand.


Lush: Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

What makes it great?
This tagline is another excellent example and is very in line with the brand. Each word can stand on its own as a clear description of what Lush offers. It’s clever because it allows consumers to easily think of Lush products as fresh, handmade, natural, sustainable, etc.—which is exactly what the company is known for. Lush even explains on its
website that the company “believe[s] words like ‘fresh’ and ‘organic’ have honest meaning beyond marketing,” which clearly demonstrates its commitment to social and environmental responsibility.


Air Canada: Fly the Flag

What makes it great?
There’s a double meaning here: part traditional call to action, part call to patriotism. As the official airline of Canada, Air Canada is clever with this tagline, as it puts a visual of the Canadian flag into the reader’s mind. It also promotes the idea that choosing to fly with Air Canada is something you can be proud of. This patriotic messaging is effective because Air Canada has positioned itself as a brand that Canadians can trust for their travels (despite what actual customer reviews and anecdotes may say!).


In summary, taglines are important because they give brands a unique identity that differentiates them from their competitors, and also help gain consumer attention and trust.