Not too long ago, I began binge-watching 30 Rock on Netflix – yes, the television sitcom created by Tina Fey. Throughout the first season, I remember periodically thinking that the episodes felt a bit crude compared to the highly acclaimed and record-breaking seasons that followed it. By the end of that first season, however, it was apparent that the writers and actors were beginning to find their groove. They were developing a greater understanding of their audience and the world they were creating.

It’s a fitting allegory to segue into the unfolding of our agency’s brand evolution.

Like Jack’s tampering of the vending machine, this image is simply a ruse to get your attention.


A few years ago, we were a different team and a different brand.

Ever since the FL/P Digital team converged with Glacier Media’s in-house digital departments to be reborn as Glacier Media Digital, we were put on a path to rediscover our identity and refine our services. It’s only natural that a brand transformation would eventually follow. What better time to unveil a makeover than in the new year.

Mind you, our new brand expression is more than just looks. Aesthetics are nothing if there is no connection with meaning. We’re still rooted in the same core values – read about them here – but up until recently, our visual identity system needed development.

Much of this development gradually took place over the past 4 months. I could launch into a short essay about how our coloured gradients create a soothing visual experience to reflect the peace-of-mind that our services provide to busy clients; or that our graphic patterns represent the visualization of data; but I digress. What matters is that we’ve now got a new team uniform for the digital marketing Olympics that is the industry.

The first new material releases with our refreshed look include an updated website and some key service information materials, all of which were designed to refocus our mission. We are a merry band of digital mavericks – we help local businesses get into the digital game and we help them get more done.

[Get in touch with one of our Digital Sales Managers to inquire about our Media Kit and Product Sheets, if you’re curious. 👀 ]

The best part of this brand evolution is that this is just the beginning of an exciting new epoch at Glacier Media. We are just getting started on a new season. It seems like we’ve found our groove and we’re setting our sights higher. Stay tuned for more.

Let's do this!