You may have already decided to incorporate video into your marketing strategy, but might not know where to start or what type of video you need to benefit you and your business.

As discussed in Part 1 of Video in Marketing, videos are a vital component to business success. They are everywhere and demand is growing. Below are 5 common types of videos (with examples) that are extremely effective in elevating your brand, product, or service.

1. Brand
These videos give brands personality. They tell your viewers about your brand and what you stand for. They offer customers, as well as potential new employees, a behind the scenes look at who you are both individually and as a whole company and how you operate and what your work environment is like.

2. Educational
Also under the same category: how-to / explainer / demonstration video, these videos answer common questions and teach your audience something. If done right, these videos will be packed with valuable information for your audiences and leave them equipped with new knowledge or skills about your product or service.

3. Promotional
Promo videos can work well for building excitement around upcoming events, special sales, big news, announcements, and more. The goal of these videos is to generate leads, so they will require a call to action to encourage viewers to take action.

4. Product Feature
Product videos are useful for explaining products or services and increasing brand awareness. They are typically a high-level look at how the product solves a problem. They should answer the question “what’s in it for me” from the perspective of your buyer. Product videos show your product’s features and benefits and often include examples of how it works, all while engaging your audience.

5. Testimonial
The ‘stamp of approval’ from your customers, these videos show the positive impact that your product or service has on real people. Hearing from customers and seeing a product in action shows authenticity, and will help you win over new customers.

Now that you’re a little more familiar with some common marketing videos, take a look at what your goals and objectives are and start from there. Sales event coming up? Frequently asked questions about a product? Positive feedback from customers you’re eager to hear from? There is a vast array of directions to take to create memorable videos to help you and your business needs.