Better Data. Better Decisions.

Do you ever wonder why the weather forecast often feels wrong? Simply put, the weather information we currently see from standard sources are often just best guesses based on a limited amount of weather station readings. This matters because everyday folks like you and I make hundreds of decisions throughout the day, not just for ourselves but also for ones we love. While there are times to go with our gut instincts, when it comes to weather-affected decisions, B.C.’s lower mainland residents now have a more reliable and more accurate weather information source at our fingertips.

Enter: Weatherhood—a newly launched hyperlocal weather network with stations installed in your neighbourhood. Learn more about the network at



Team GMD developed the brand in tandem with the UX and UI design of the Weatherhood data experience. It started with focus group surveys, competitive analyses and UX research to learn what mattered to our audiences and how we could launch an experience that was different from the market. We ultimately learned that your reasons for checking the weather are personal. And when the need arises, like grabbing your trusty umbrella as you leave for work, Weatherhood is available anytime you need it to serve accurate insights, backed by Glacier Media’s trusted local news network.

The umbrella logo is our primary mark and serves as the consumer-facing identity. As an apparatus of protection against the elements, the umbrella symbolizes the adage that “knowledge is power.” When Weatherhood users are armed with knowledge, they are empowered to make suitable choices.

Weatherhoodʼs symbol design takes a page from the book of Modernism: a design movement that promotes sleek, clean lines and eliminates decorative additions that are purely for the sake of embellishment. This nostalgic design style and philosophy extends to the official set of common weather UI pictograms. 

However, it was imperative that the brand’s main identity remains distinct from its common weather UI pictograms, so consistency in colours and shapes played a key role in building out the entire visual ecosystem.

Now it’s time to meet your friendly neighbourhood weather network.

Curious about the weather in your neighbourhood? Click here to check it now.