By Lise Boullard

Whether you’re a freelance magazine writer or a social media strategist,
chances are you noticed changes to the projects that came across your desk last year.

Here, three trends that impacted the media and marketing industry.

  1. The Rise of Quality Copy. Content is king, and with that comes the need for
    high quality, often longer (as in 1,500-word) articles written by experts on a
    particular subject. Organizations are realizing they need this type of
    reputable, quality content to help them stand out as authorities in their
    industries and to separate themselves from the competition.
  2. Writing for Multimedia. Whether it’s copy for charticles, video or podcasts,
    there have never been more platforms that required copy than there were in
    2017. Just another reason why it’s clear the Internet provides more
    opportunities for writers—not fewer.
  3. Embracing Social Media. 2017 saw a huge increase in social media activity
    among organizations and individuals. They may have cut their teeth in a
    traditional newspaper newsroom, but in 2017 smart writers expanded their
    social media savvy by learning the ins and outs of Facebook, Twitter and
    Instagram—and by committing to growing their own social media followings.