What big change was made to Pro-Social Media Management?

The Basic Social Advertising management fee is now included with ‘Social Pro’, and say goodbye to 20% of ad spend charged (we can hear clients cheering from here).  

Why is this amazing for your clients?

Organic social content is a valuable part of growing brand presence and credibility, but the sad truth is, it only goes so far. With ever-changing algorithms and an influx of content on social channels, it can be challenging to stay ahead of the competition and get your awesome content seen. Enter Social Advertising.

Why should clients take advantage of Social Media Advertising?

Great organic content + a paid social funnel strategy = optimal performance and results.

With consistent and engaging on-brand content, we have the opportunity to ‘boost*’ well performing organic posts, which has proven to be a very successful strategy for some of our clients. We have seen up to an 8x improvement on ad performance when integrating this approach into a paid social strategy.

Social Advertising enables you to do detailed targeting via user’s behaviour, interests and demographics. Performance often accelerates with additional data input (i.e. an email list or Facebook Pixel retargeting).

*boost: GMD’s way of boosting involves pulling an organic post into an ad unit, which provides more detailed targeting, utilizing the data collected by Facebook Pixels, as well as more placements within Facebook’s internal network.

What makes a good fit for Pro-Social Media Management?

  • The client has an established online presence (i.e. a credible and active website)
  • They have other digital marketing services in place to bring more immediate conversions
  • They have an established marketing calendar without constantly changing variables (i.e. short notice events)
  • They understand the value of strategic social media for their business

What are we going to ask for from the client?

We lovingly refer to our wants and needs as the ‘laundry list’. This is their immediate homework before we can get started:

  • Brand identity kit (including user personas, logos, fonts and colour codes if available)
  • Social media logins (this one is a MUST)
  • Multimedia assets
  • Competitor list
  • List of potential collaborators/organizations/people they would like us to align with
  • Email mailing list
  • Seasonality of the business and marketing calendar   
  • Upcoming direct mail content to align content with
  • Internal reviews (that have complied to have content shared)

*This is the general list and may change per client

What can you expect?

  • Please refer to our shiny new Social Pro+Ads Process outline to set expectations with a client from the get-go
  • Social media is brand awareness and our #1 goal is to increase Engagement
  • A dedicated Strategist available for your client to contact directly

What can you NOT expect?

  • An immediate skyrocket. Growing qualified and authentic social followings takes time.
  • Content to be live within the week. We are lucky to have a skilled design and copywriting team all working on (amazing) Pro content, but these moving parts take time. We appreciate your patience as we give all accounts the attention they deserve.