Have you heard of The Canadian Culture Index? It’s a partnership between an independent researcher and UBC that measures how Canadians feel about their workplace, its culture, diversity initiatives and other factors. Companies survey their employees anonymously for open feedback and subsequently improve their culture through a better understanding of staff sentiment. Canadian Culture Certification is given to participating organizations who have exceeded the established benchmarks.


When we heard about the Culture Index and its certification, we were curious. Knowing that whatever we heard through the survey was a learning opportunity, we were all in for it. Glacier Media Digital has a strong team. We were ready. Onto the next paragraph with a drumroll, please.


TLDR: we are now Canadian Culture Certified.
The survey results revealed our strengths and also where we have room to grow. As a rule—in business and life—always embrace feedback because it provides actionable forward direction. What we learned in the survey has given us a roadmap and we’re embracing our good and reaching for more.


This isn’t meant to be a rah-rah manifesto as much as it is an acknowledgment of where we stand today. It’s a reflection of who we are and where we are planning to go next. Creating a culturally and psychologically safe workplace grows out of every interaction, each one an opportunity.


We heard through the survey that our categories of excellence are Connection and Trust, JEDI (Justice, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion), and Workplace Experience.


So much YES.


Recently a client told me that what sets our team apart is how we listen and ask questions. We care about getting it right. From the foundation to the top, I see this on a daily basis. Initiatives like the Learning Club have us continuously improving and collaborating at the forefront of digital, and preparing us for what comes next. Thank you to everyone who makes GMD a great place to work every day. Find out for yourself–work with us.


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