Art and design are cyclical, and the speed at which styles come and go is even more impressive when it comes to the online environment. Based on research and observations, we came up with a shortlist of some of the trends that represent interesting moments in Web Design.

#1. Blur & Glass Morphism

The clean design has just reached another level: glass. What can be cleaner than transparent? Yes, technically nothing. This trend is popping out on some of the recently created websites and the key-concept here is generally to convey a really modern look and feel with a touch of sophistication. Matching this with some background blurriness can result in a jaw-dropping effect.

Web Design- Glass Morphism
Web Design- Glass Morphism

#2. Vintage, Grainy & Textures

This web design style brings tons of references from the real world, for obvious reasons. The print design look and its grainy, tactile uniqueness serves as an inspiration for web designers whose challenge is to insert analog components into the digital space. The result is always a mix of coolness and thrill.

Web Design - Grainy
Web Design – Grainy

#3. 3D Interactive

Somehow related to the above’s trend, translating physical space into web space has been a challenge for designers and developers since the early days of the internet. Now, with 3D-building tools and javascript libraries, we’ve seen more and more 3D-based experiences popping out. And it’s literally opening another dimension to web design.

Web Design - 3D
Web Design – 3D

#4. Masking & Staggering Animations

The animation is a must-have and it comes to immersive experiences. We observed that some masking interactions and delayed-timing transitions are becoming a real deal to recently launched websites. When built properly it provokes a sense of connection between user and product or environment. The idea here again is to promote a pleasant experience, not cluttered, not cold, just smooth.

Web Design - Masks
Web Design – Masks

#5. Horizontal Scrolling

The Mobile-First approach is shaping the presence of web design, including desktop experiences. A good example of that is the fact that horizontal scrolling interactions are coming back to web designer’s top choices. That shows how social media apps experiences have the power to shape user behaviour over time. In that sense, some trends become simply the standard.

Web Design - Horizontal Scroll
Web Design – Horizontal Scroll

Here it goes a quick reminder. Trends and tools are awesome! We get that. However, what dictates the direction of your web design project is always the goal, which relies on a good amount of diagnosis and a user-centred approach. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in standing out online.