Meet Team GMD: Casey Era

It’s a pleasure to introduce this week’s lifter – Casey Era, an entrepreneur with three digital start-ups and a dog lover with heart of gold.

Instagram Story Hacks 2017

There’s more to the disappearing 15-second video and photo at the top of your Instagram screen than you may think. More than 200 million people are taking advantage of Instagram’s Story features each day. Here is how you can too!

Reaching Ad Audience On Social Media

Social media ads have captured advertiser interest for the ability to reach and target like never before.

Glacier Digital

What Do Facebook and Google Ads Know About You?

Have you ever wondered how Facebook knows what you were browsing by serving you some really relevant ads? You are not alone!

Meet Team GMD: Marianne LaRochelle

This week, we are shining the light on the Tri-City News' very own, Marianne LaRochelle. Wonder what she does when she makes a sale? Read on to find out.

Make A Video List And Watch It Twice.

In the spirit of spreading cheer, here are a few favourite Christmas ad campaigns to get into the swing of the season.

Meet Team GMD: Matty Lambert

This week we pop a bottle and raise a glass to the magnificent Matty Lambert. A multimedia advertising representative with Westender, The Growler B.C.’s Craft Beer Guide and The Alchemist.

5 Tips to Kick Start Your Digital Marketing for the Holidays

If you don't have your holiday marketing strategy figured out before we start hearing Michael Bublé's Christmas songs everywhere we go, that would be unacceptable.

Glacier Media’s Halloween Spirit

This year, Glacier Media Digital got into the Halloween Spirit. Check out some of our favourite Halloween costumes we had from around our community publications.

The Fear Appeal in Marketing

Fear can be a powerful influence. The fear appeal in marketing is a strategy that is intended to scare the audience and motivate them to contribute to a cause.

8 Day Horror Movie Challenge #nogutsnogory

With 9 days left to Halloween, I challenge you all to join in on our 9 day horror movie challenge. After all, it’s not really Halloween without a good scare!

Have You Been Ghosting on Your Campaign Goals?

Be afraid. Be very afraid....of missed opportunities. Stop ghosting on your campaign goals and start showing up with S.M.A.R.T. Objectives.