2017 in Review: The Year of Showing Emotion

More than ever, people were expressing themselves on social media through EMOJIS! 😘😆😱

2017 in Review: Google Adwords Updated its User Interface

A new year means a new start, out with the old, in with the old. For Google, it meant pushing out incremental changes and initiatives

2017 in Review: The Rise of Responsive Display Advertising

Did you know that the average household owns 7 internet-connected devices? It’s more important than ever to be responsive.

2017 in Review: Mobile search experiences more important than ever

Every year, businesses and online marketers are investing more time and resources into maximizing the experiences of their mobile users. 2017 was no exception.

Become Digital Sales Certified

Google Academy for Ads offers a brand new certification program for sales people in digital advertising. This certification will help digital sales executives and managers demonstrate their proficiency in online advertising and sales.

My time as a Glacier Intern

It seems like only yesterday when I was led on a tour around the open concept office, designed with wood panelled ceilings and giant light orbs in the centre. The focus for the next eight weeks was to learn as much as possible...

Meet Team GMD: Manny Kang

This week we are excited to introduce Manny Kang the digital manager of the Tri-City News. Manny is stealth in his management style (smooooth) and methodical in strategizing with clients so they stay with us for the long haul. Click to read more...

Holiday Shopping Search Trends

The way people conduct their search online has evolved and they've quickly transformed into Supershoppers. Are you a Supershopper? Can you spot a Supershopper? Read on to learn where and how people are searching during this holiday season.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Marketers

Got someone with a passion for marketing and social media in your life? Here, five gifts they’ll be thrilled to find under the tree.

Getting AMPed Up

Last year, Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), with the primary objective of significantly improving the performance of the mobile web. Read on to find out advantages and attributes of an AMP-ed page.

Meet Team GMD: Casey Era

It’s a pleasure to introduce this week’s lifter – Casey Era, an entrepreneur with three digital start-ups and a dog lover with heart of gold.

Instagram Story Hacks 2017

There’s more to the disappearing 15-second video and photo at the top of your Instagram screen than you may think. More than 200 million people are taking advantage of Instagram’s Story features each day. Here is how you can too!