Team GMD Summer 2022

Team GMD loves a good challenge, whether it's solving a business problem through an integrated campaign or it's a California Kickball game for bragging rights.

What’s Good: Dev Team Edition

Our new series "What's Good?" explores the coolest games, movies, food, and activities from our taste-making Dev team.

Community Leaders

The Community Leaders program is cohesive integrated strategy that allows businesses to support journalism through sponsorship.

Learning Club

Have you ever heard that luck happens when preparedness and opportunity meet? At GMD, we’re looking to create our own luck by being better prepared for the next opportunity.

Shop Local Hot Spots

Whenever a great new business opens up in the neighbourhood, you want to tell a couple of friends.

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

GMD helped our surrounding communities by picking up trash—and it gave the chance for team members to see each other face-to-face, for the first time in over a year.

Meet Team GMD: Michael White

This week on Team GMD we are featuring Michael White, our content specialist and vinyl aficionado. Click here to learn more.

Meet Team GMD: Liv Doogue

This week on Team GMD we are featuring Liv Doogue, our superstar creative services project manager. Click here to learn more.

Meet Team GMD: Mona Yazdandoust Mofarah

This week on Team GMD we are featuring Mona Yazdandoust, the newest member of our digital coordinator squad.

Meet Team GMD: Pablo Narvaez

Meet Pablo Narvaez, Team GMD's newest digital coordinator. Pablo is passionate about video games, artificial intelligence and karaoke.

Meet Team GMD: Troy Pickersgill

Meet Troy Pickersgill, Team GMDs newest member hailing from London, England. Troy has an impressive background in digital marketing for the not-for-profit sector and has recently joined us as our newest social ads strategist.

Meet Team GMD: Andrea Wenting Li

This week on Team GMD we speak to Andrea, one of our social media strategists. Originally from China, Andrea moved to New York City where she worked as a school teacher before heading West and joining the world of digital marketing at GMD.