Dynamic Creative: A Programmatic Solution for Auto Dealers

Dynamic Creative is only available for auto dealerships and involves serving ads that display actual vehicles in the client's current inventory, with the same features that the user has recently searched throughout the internet.

Is Your Website Built to Help Your Business?

The average person spends five hours a day online, which is why your business website needs to make a stellar first, second, and third impression.

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2017 in Review: Extended Search Optimization

With the evolution of search engines, there are an increasing number of ways to drive meaningful traffic organically.

2017 in Review: Google Adwords Updated its User Interface

A new year means a new start, out with the old, in with the old. For Google, it meant pushing out incremental changes and initiatives

2017 in Review: Mobile search experiences more important than ever

Every year, businesses and online marketers are investing more time and resources into maximizing the experiences of their mobile users. 2017 was no exception.

Become Digital Sales Certified

Google Academy for Ads offers a brand new certification program for sales people in digital advertising. This certification will help digital sales executives and managers demonstrate their proficiency in online advertising and sales.

Holiday Shopping Search Trends

The way people conduct their search online has evolved and they've quickly transformed into Supershoppers. Are you a Supershopper? Can you spot a Supershopper? Read on to learn where and how people are searching during this holiday season.

Getting AMPed Up

Last year, Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), with the primary objective of significantly improving the performance of the mobile web. Read on to find out advantages and attributes of an AMP-ed page.

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What Do Facebook and Google Ads Know About You?

Have you ever wondered how Facebook knows what you were browsing by serving you some really relevant ads? You are not alone!

Why you should become Google Analytics and Google AdWords Certified

The importance of having Google Analytics and Google AdWords expertise has become more relevant as businesses are looking for ways to excel online.

The Importance of UTM Tagging in Display Campaigns

UTM tagging allows you to categorize and monitor the different traffic sources coming to your landing pages and identify their origins.

Search Engine Marketing & What It Means For A Business

Adwords provides the opportunity to present ads the moment a user is searching for a client’s specific products or services.