Have You Been Ghosting on Your Campaign Goals?

Be afraid. Be very afraid....of missed opportunities. Stop ghosting on your campaign goals and start showing up with S.M.A.R.T. Objectives.

Become a Facebook expert for FREE

One promise I made myself after graduating just over a year ago was that I never wanted to stop learning. In the digital world, we are always teaching ourselves about certain trends and how to do things better …. Always!

How Awesome Is It That We Are Now Awesome?

There's been an exciting addition to the publication mix at Glacier Media. One of the heavyweights in the local blogosphere is now part of the Glacier family. Check it out.

True Story: Sponsored Content Increases Brand Exposure

They say that we are addicted to mobile devices. Actually, we are addicted to content. Smart devices are simply the most efficient means for accessing this content – for now.

Landing Pages vs. One-Page Websites

When a Landing Page morphs into a One-Page Website, the lack of CTA focus can result in low conversion in the campaign’s performance reports. So what's the difference?

One Message Three Delivery Methods

You’ve probably wondered why we don’t use the same content for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The reason is that there are different audiences on each of these channels.

Case Study: How we tripled the reach of a Facebook ad using data

It is getting harder to reach audiences on Facebook. So how can we guarantee audience reach?

landing page conversions

How a Landing Page Improves Programmatic Performance

Provide the most relevant user experience by combining a programmatic display ad with a landing page to secure a high conversion rate.

Case Study: Hunters Garden Centre

Behind every landing page conversion is a prospective customer waiting to be persuaded.

The Math Behind the Metrics

Facebook ads can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to measure.

Digital Trends We’re Watching

Innovation is expanding products faster than many of us are using them.

Search Engine Marketing & What It Means For A Business

Adwords provides the opportunity to present ads the moment a user is searching for a client’s specific products or services.