The Funnel x Case Study #4

We take a look at digital marketing in automotive industry and how automotive consumers think. The buyer's journey is an important aspect to understand while incorporating the digital funnel into one's strategies.

5 Digital Design Trends We Actually Use

Design trends come and go, but the well-conceived design is timeless. Join UX/ UI Designer Samantha Matheson for a look at what's so hot right now.

The Funnel x Case Study #3

Business case: Our grocery store has 15 locations all over the Lower Mainland. Their goals are to raise awareness about their weekly flyer and have their target markets receive the flyer in order to pique their interests and visit one of their locations.

The Funnel x Case Study #2

Here's the second round of the DC's case analyses! This time, we dive into a potential partnership with a larger development to delve into their marketing plan. By incorporating the importance of the Sales Funnel and the previous case study, we're learning to build the fundamentals of a long-term sale.

The Funnel – A Case Study

In a previous blog, we introduced the sales funnel concept and created a visual integration with the game board to help us when trying to align our customers’ needs with our digital solutions. Today, let’s take a look at a more specific example of how each section of the funnel can be applied to a client in a realistic scenario.

Markting Funnel

The Funnel Introduction

Every customer travels through the Digital Funnel, whether they know it or not. We all move at our own pace, but no matter the product or service, we move from an awareness phase (top of the funnel), to a consideration phase (middle of the funnel), and finally to a conversion phase (bottom of the funnel). Why does this matter?

IHOP’s Rebranding: Success or Failure?

If you have been disconnected from the internet in the past 2 weeks, you may have missed one of the boldest marketing moves of 2018.

Case Study: Aunt Leah’s

Aunt Leah’s Place needed to reach landlords with vacant units across the Lower Mainland. Glacier Media Digital implemented a cause marketing program and a fully integrated campaign to better communicate their message.

The funnel in Facebook advertising

When it comes to campaign planning we start off with one question: what is the goal that we are hoping to accomplish through Facebook advertising? The reason why we ask this is so we can help accomplish these goals through the funnel.

Is Your Website Built to Help Your Business?

The average person spends five hours a day online, which is why your business website needs to make a stellar first, second, and third impression.

Ad Fatigue: An Epidemic  

Like Google, advertisers are competing against space on Facebook. Without a strategy, so much of an advertiser’s ad spend budget can go to waste without optimizing and adjusting messages to get discovered.

Why Every Business Should be Using Insta Stories to Grow Their Following

Forget Instagram posts—today it’s all about the Insta Stories: images and videos taken within 24 hours, that disappear within 24 hours of posting. Here, six reasons you should make them part of your marketing plan.