Sharing your business updates on Google My Business during COVID-19

Use Google My Business to communicate and share updates about your business during COVID-19 pandemic.

Tips and Tricks from GMD: How to Work Remotely

Despite remote work trending upwards in the digital age, many are bringing work to their abode for the very first time in light of the pandemic.

The Increased Importance of First-Party Data

With the decline in third-party cookies, it is more important than ever to collect first-party data and organize it into usable information to segment users and create personalized online experiences.

Crisis Media Planning

Many of us have a high level of fear and anxiety around current events and when that happens, seek to absorb all the information that we can find. It’s a natural response to an unnatural state of affairs. 

Case Study: You Have the Power

Visibility and representation matters. Our work with EJTC further bolsters this declaration and we are just as dedicated in this mission as our clients are.

Design Thinking for 2020

Design thinking is a process that asks us to use solutions-based thinking instead of problem-based thinking. How is it different? Rather than looking at obstacles, we examine the ways around them.

6 awesome podcasts that every creative professional should listen

If creativity is your thing and podcasts are your way, the following list might be a life-changer for you.

Case Study: Habitat for Humanity Kamloops charity raffle campaign

Habitat for Humanity asked Glacier Media Digital to help promote and sell tickets for a raffle, in which entrants could win a classic 1968 Camaro SS restored by the History Channel’s Rust Brothers.

Website Security

Security must haves for your website

Whether your website is brand new or an old stand-by that you have had for years it is extremely important that it is secure from possible attacks. In this article we outline some security methods that can prevent your site from being hacked.

Ten Step Guide to prepare your e-commerce site for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The Holiday season is underway. What better opportunity is there for your business to generate online sales than Black Friday and Cyber Monday? If you want to be ready for this year’s biggest shopping weekend, now is the time to start planning.

Facebook Ads: Campaign Structure

As Social Ads Strategists, we often get asked what the difference between a campaign, ad set or an ad is. We use these terms every day without realizing that outside of Facebook's Ads Manager, they could be used interchangeably, and that creates confusion in the minds of other stakeholders we work with. Every Facebook campaign we create consists of 3 parts: a campaign, ad set and an ad. All these parts are necessary for your ads to run the way you want them to, and reach the right people.

Lessons from Chris Do

The AMA (Ask Me Anything) social with Chris Do felt like we were a bunch of junior siblings getting a warmly personalized coaching session from our most accomplished big brother.