Meet Team GMD: Seonah Han

This week on Team GMD, we are featuring Seonah Han, our Web Developer/ Designer. Seonah is a rare unicorn - with full-stack developing skills and artistic talents, she is irreplaceable on our team. As badass as she is in the office, she also kicks butts outside of work. From volunteering as an instructor to eating salad without any dressing, Seonah can do it all. Read on to learn more about her.

Meet Team GMD: Michael Mordak

Michael helps manage projects and maintain communication between the production team and the sales team. When Michael is not chasing deadlines, you can find him cycling and drinking beer (They don't happen simultaneously). He bleeds peanut butter and advocates for wildlife protection. Read on to learn more about him.

Meet Team GMD: Lebon Siu

This week on Team GMD, we have our Graphic Designer/Photographer - Lebon Siu. Prior to Glacier, Lebon worked in the film industry and the music video industry. His diverse skill sets make him a fun & versatile designer.

Meet Team GMD: Emily Huang

This week on Team GMD, we shine the light on me. I am your editor behind all the community profiles. I would like to thank my parents, peers and colleagues who have supported me throughout my career. At Glacier, I am given the flexibility to explore different fields of digital marketing. From managing Social Media project to creating Google and Facebook Ads, I have gained valuable experiences and I am eager to learn more. Read more about me here.

Meet Team GMD: Leia Kim

This week on Team GMD, we shine the lights on our Digital Coordinator of Tri-City News - Leia Kim. As a Digitial Coordinator, Leia makes sure the logistics of all marketing campaigns coming from her market are communicated clearly and smoothly between the creative team and the client.

Meet Team GMD: Elizabeth Young

Many of our agency team members come with an interesting mix of skills, knowledge, experience, and talent. Elizabeth is no exception. She has a background in criminology, audio engineering, digital design, and independent business operations.

Meet Team GMD: David Gordon-Smith

This week on Team GMD, we have our SEO specialist - David Gordon-Smith. David is currently Glacier's longest-serving digital employee since June of 2012. He has been a corporate trainer, website project manager, SEO manager and sales manager. We are lucky to someone as knowledgeable as David on our team. Read on to learn more about him.

Meet Team GMD: Eric Chan

Eric Chan, Corporate Training and Development. Eric will be responsible for all training and development of both sales and sales management processes. Eric joins us with over 12 years of training experience.

Meet Team GMD: Adam Markus

This week on Team GMD, we have Vancouver office's Digital Coordinator - Adam Markus. When Adam is not at Ariel's office, he's at Robert's desk and when he's not at Robert's desk he could also be found at Manny's, Chaney's, Kaelynn's, Laura's or The Room. Needless to say, Adam's role at Glacier is vital; he oversees key accounts and facilitates communication between the creative team and the clients. To learn more about Adam, read more here.

My time as a GMD intern

The productive and friendly community in the GMD workspace gave me the opportunity to communicate with different members of the team and broaden my horizons to a wide range of useful skills.

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The sun is out, the popcorn's popped, the Canucks have started their off-season training, and the scent of hot dogs is wafting through the air: baseball season is now in full swing.

Team GMD: Meet Kate Palamarchuk

Introducing this week’s feature on Meet Team GMD, Kate Palamarchuk. She's our Social Producer by day, and a graphic design hobbyist by night (@vankatie_art). Kate also likes to travel and do landscape photography. Read on to find out her next travel destination.