WordCamp 2023

In this blog, we'll dive into some exciting developments, including the power of Tailwind CSS, the innovative SlotFill system in WordPress, and more.

Navigating Daily Life: The Influence of Weather News on Local Communities

In an era defined by the digital age and nearly unlimited access to information, the value of local news remains paramount in keeping communities informed and connected.

Team Talk with the Digital Coordinators

Welcome to Team Talk, a new feature which asks members of a GMD squad about the good work that they do daily.

Meet Team GMD: Claudia Foong

Introducing Claudia, our social media specialist. She has spent 3+ years working at digital agencies and another 3 years at a startup documentary streaming service as a copywriter, writing copy for web, apps, and social media.

Meet Team GMD: Josh Mackenzie

Introducing Josh, our new social media specialist. Hailing from Maple Ridge, B.C., Josh is a seasoned pro in creating captivating social content and driving high-converting campaigns.

Meet Team GMD: Zoe Scott

Zoe is a seasoned marketing professional originally from Scotland who has spent the past few years working with various brands on their digital marketing strategies.

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Why Our Values Matter

Company values are critical in guiding decision-making, improving communication, and solidifying commitment within teams. Join us as we explore the importance of company values and how they can benefit organizations.

Holiday Charity Favourite

Favourite Charities

Team GMD has compiled a list of local charities, broken up by region, that could use your help to support the most vulnerable in our community during the holidays.

Meet Team GMD: Toby Haraguchi

This week we meet Toby Haraguchi, new GMD Digital Coordinator.

Meet Team GMD: Nicole Young

This week we meet Nicole Young, the new GMD Digital Coordinator.

Meet Team GMD: Lloyd Nellas

This week we are introducing Lloyd Nellas, the newest addition to our talented Social team.