5 Digital Design Trends We Actually Use

Design trends come and go, but the well-conceived design is timeless. Join UX/ UI Designer Samantha Matheson for a look at what's so hot right now.

Recap: Team GMD competes in the Adobe Creative Jam

As we move into cooler months, we might see our social calendars ramp up with seasonal activities and events. One industry event that kicked off our social season was the Adobe Creative Jam, a design hack-a-thon event combined with inspiring creative talks from industry leaders. This year, Team GMD sent in 3 challengers.

Process Breakdown: StandOUT Sponsored Content

Glacier Media's StandOUT Sponsored Content program benefits businesses by providing premium content in a journalistic style to build brand trust and credibility. StandOUT helps business owners to connect with its current and potential customers through our well-established and well-known community brands.

Process Breakdown: Video

Videos have the ability to deliver mass amounts of information in a short amount of time. They effectively engage audiences, enhance emotions, and ultimately influence buying decisions. If you're looking to strengthen your marketing strategies, our videography team has you covered.

Process Breakdown: Custom WordPress Websites

A Custom Wordpress Website is ideal for creating a unique brand experience and to implement special functionality. Our User Experience and User Interaction designers will customize your website to ensure the best user flows for your ideal audience.

Process Breakdown: Templated WordPress Websites

Your website is the digital version of your business. Whether you need to switch your outdated site to a mobile-responsive one, or launch your online presence for the first time ever, our Templated Wordpress Website is an effective option to upgrade or establish your digital footprint.

Process Breakdown: Landing Pages

Starting today we begin our 'Process Breakdown' series to uncover the collaborative steps behind our service deliverables. The mission is to create transparency around standard processes of our most popular services. First up: let's unpack the process for Landing Pages.

IHOP’s Rebranding: Success or Failure?

If you have been disconnected from the internet in the past 2 weeks, you may have missed one of the boldest marketing moves of 2018.

Brand Values and Dollar Voting

As consumers, we have choices. Online trends shape the way we think about our favourite brands and we look for alignment in a brand’s social values to mirror our own beliefs.

Why TrueView Ads Might Be the Most Cost-Efficient Advertising Medium

This blog post dives into the AdWords pricing model for TrueView ads, the detailed targeting options available for advertisers, integrated video campaigns with landing pages, and key metrics to look out for when your results come in.

New Year, New GMD

What does Tina Fey's critically-acclaimed television sitcom, 30 Rock, and Glacier Media Digital's agency brand evolution have in common?

2017 in Review: The Design Method that Shaped 2017

There is no particular technology that has shaped the digital landscape of 2017 so much as a fairly recently applied process.