The Psychology of Colour in Branding

In the world of marketing and branding, colour plays a significant role in shaping consumer perceptions, evoking emotions, and influencing purchasing decisions. From the bold red of Coca-Cola to the calming blue of Facebook, brands strategically utilize colour to communicate their identity and connect with their target audience on a subconscious level. In this blog post, we'll delve into the psychology of colour in branding and explore how different hues can evoke specific emotions and associations.

2024 Design Trends

As a digital design agency, we are forward-thinking and constantly looking to see what's next in our industry. What tools will be becoming available to improve our work-flow and efficiency? And in this article... What design trends will we be seeing in the future?

Design with Empathy

Ever wondered why some products just seem to 'get' you? They feel like they were made just for you, anticipating your needs and making your life easier. Well, that's the magic of empathetic design. It's like a secret handshake between creators and users, leading to amazing, authentic experiences.

Meet Weatherhood

Introducing your friendly neighbourhood weather network. B.C.’s lower mainland residents now have a more reliable and more accurate weather information source at our fingertips.

What is good design: Part 5

For this last installment of "What is good design" we examine the final 2 principles: good design is long-lasting and environmentally-friendly.

What is Good Design: Part 4

Honesty and unobtrusiveness in digital design are important principles that build trust with users. By creating designs that are truthful and consistent, designers can create more engaging and reliable experiences

What is Good Design: Part 3

This edition looks at innovation and usefulness in design - important factors for keeping up with the ever-evolving landscape of human behaviour and technology.

Blog-10-Principles-of-Design-Part – 2-Cover

What is Good Design: Part 2

Originally conceived as a philosophical think piece of industrial design, Dieter Ram’s 10 principles of good design are applied across all disciplines of design. This five-part blog series will explore each of the ten principles. Read on for part two.

What is Good Design: Part 1

Originally conceived as a philosophical think piece of industrial design, Dieter Ram’s 10 principles of good design are applied across all disciplines of design. In this first of a 5-part series, we explore the principals of aesthetics and minimalism.


Designing the Voice of Addiction Recovery Services in British Columbia

The British Columbia Addiction Recovery Association (BCARA) serves as a collective voice of providers and other experts in responding to the opioid crisis.


A Brand New Vision for Eyesight International

Eyesight International (ESI) is a registered Canadian charity, founded by the late Dr. Paul Dubord. ESI provides hope and vision to the curable corneal blind in lower- and middle-income countries.

122 West Home Slide Mockup

122 West e-Commerce Website

For every successful e-commerce business, there will eventually be a need to scale operations. When this time arrived for 122 West they chose the GMD team to help with this process.