The Persistence of Mobile

In 2021, a record 70% of pages on Glacier community news sites in 2021 were viewed on mobile devices. This means that close to 70% of ads were also seen on mobile, with a single ad placement enjoying by far the most screen time: the Persistent Mobile Banner (PMB).

Introducing DESIMARK

Led by the DESIMARK Director of Marketing, Manny Kang, we are thrilled to introduce Glacier Media's newest division focused on providing digital marketing solutions to reach South Asian audiences.

Will 2022 Mark a Renaissance for Design?

Will 2022 Mark a Renaissance for Design?

A rebirth of cultural, artistic, political, and economic development could be brewing as we speak.

Colour Story: Earthy Browns

Despite it being the most widely available pigment in nature, according to public opinion surveys, brown often finds itself reported as the public’s least favourite colour. Cultural and commercial trends paint a different story.

Colour Story: Christmas Green + Red

Many colour combinations can been seen in today’s festive season, but no other duos are as tied to Christmas than green and red.

Brand Story: Endorsed

Reviews can be helpful, but are they real people raving (or complaining) about the item they’re considering? Endorsed alleviates this uncertainty by providing readers with verification that products displaying the ‘Endorsed’ logo meet key standards.

Colour Story: Tyrian Purple

Not only was the pigment prized as an item of luxury trade, it was believed to improve and become brighter as it aged. Unfortunately, for a particular sea snail species, this meant crushing thousands of them to produce even just a small amount.

What you’re not getting when the price is “Free”

You’ve probably seen the ads out there that extol the virtues of a well known “Free” website builder and how “Easy” it is to make a website. You may have asked yourself (or your customers may have asked) “Why pay for a website when I can get one for free?”

Colour Story: Canary Yellow

In 1977, 3M initially launched the product under the name Press ’n Peel in select cities, only to receive mixed results. The company relaunched it 2 years later with a new name, and it became an "overnight" success.

Custom Images versus Stock Images for Websites

We all know the challenge of sourcing image assets for your website. Many companies resort to using royalty-free stock images, and while that’s not necessarily a bad option, it’s important to know where, when and how to use those images in a way that won’t discredit the business’s brand trust.

Colour Story: Ultramarine

European Renaissance painters depended on their wealthy patrons to fund the acquisition of this rare colour, and it was considered even more valuable than gold.

A Picture is Worth More Than Just Words: Social Media

The name of the (organic social media) game is brand awareness. Developing that recognizable and cohesive brand includes the visual language of photography.