Custom Images versus Stock Images for Websites

We all know the challenge of sourcing image assets for your website. Many companies resort to using royalty-free stock images, and while that’s not necessarily a bad option, it’s important to know where, when and how to use those images in a way that won’t discredit the business’s brand trust.

Colour Story: Ultramarine

European Renaissance painters depended on their wealthy patrons to fund the acquisition of this rare colour, and it was considered even more valuable than gold.

A Picture is Worth More Than Just Words: Social Media

The name of the (organic social media) game is brand awareness. Developing that recognizable and cohesive brand includes the visual language of photography.

Improve your photography game with these tips

Great lighting can often make your image shine. Alternatively, poor lighting can make the same shot useless for social media. Read on for a few quick tips for spotting good lighting.

Colour Story: Tiffany Blue

Tiffany&Co.’s identity is instantly recognizable solely by its colour without any other brand elements – an enviable mindshare position among the world’s most influential brands.

Colour Story: The Blackest Black

Dating back to the stone age, early man decorated cave walls with one of the earliest pigments known to man - Black.

Colour Story: Scheele’s Green

You’d think that once stories of accidental poisoning became common tales, that consumers would stop wearing and using the poisonous colour, but this popular green was lucrative business and it wasn’t until 1895.

Blog Brand Standards-Benefits-hero – 2

How Brand Standards Benefit Businesses

In this current landscape of social media and online marketing, it has become increasingly important for businesses and organizations to present their brand messaging concisely.

Colour Story: Baker-Miller Pink

In colour psychology, experts often speak of the emotional effects that colours have on those who perceive them. But what if colours have the power to influence beyond our mental state of mind, but our physical performance as well?

Colour Story: Coca-Cola Red

Today in brand colour theory, red is often said to increase our heart rate and evoke strong emotions such as excitement and passion. How much of that modern theory is influenced by Coca-Cola’s brand history?

Top 5 Web Design Trends 2021

Art and design are cyclical, and the speed at which styles come and go is even more impressive when it comes to the online environment. Based on some research and observations we came up with a shortlist of some of the trends that represent an interesting moment of Web Design.

RGD’s Design Thinkers 2020

This year’s Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) Design Thinkers conference explored how design thinking helps us adapt to a world that was knocked off its feet.