2018 Review of Digital Marketing Trends

Some digital marketing trends emerged as leaders and changed how advertising was viewed by users in 2018.
Let's review the past year in digital.

Project Management 101

Last month, members from the digital team attended a Project Management Workshop in Vancouver. During this workshop, the Speaker, Nick Wilkinson, covered two central themes: managing projects (“stories”), and the people (“characters”) involved.

True North Rockies in Times Square

For the past century, watching the ball drop on New Year's Eve in Times Square has been a dazzling tradition in NYC. On New Year's Eve, our client campaign lit up the video billboards of Times Square. GMD is proud to have produced a video as part of the integrated True North Rockies campaign that will air to millions during the hours leading up to the ball-drop – peak viewing times.

Facebook Advertising 2018 Recap

As 2018 is coming to a close, let's do a recap on some key stats and milestone Facebook Advertising has accomplished this year.

3 Holiday Marketing Traditions from Top Brands

Although our days are shorter in winter months, early sunsets bring about twinkling lights, hot cocoa by warm fireplaces, and holiday music everywhere we go. Christmas is definitely in the air now. Here are some holiday marketing traditions from 3 top brands.

GMD Digital Marketing Trends

As we are nearing the end of 2018, let’s take a few moments to reflect on some of our own key marketing trends. Below are 3 up-and-coming trends that we’ve seen throughout our year of campaigns at Glacier Media Digital.

A Decent Proposal: Love and Geo-Fencing

Watch this video which demonstrates the power of hyper-targeted online advertising and learn how to translate real-world activity by potential consumers into a successful digital campaign.

The Funnel x Case Study #4

We take a look at digital marketing in automotive industry and how automotive consumers think. The buyer's journey is an important aspect to understand while incorporating the digital funnel into one's strategies.

The Funnel x Case Study #3

Business case: Our grocery store has 15 locations all over the Lower Mainland. Their goals are to raise awareness about their weekly flyer and have their target markets receive the flyer in order to pique their interests and visit one of their locations.

The Funnel x Case Study #2

Here's the second round of the DC's case analyses! This time, we dive into a potential partnership with a larger development to delve into their marketing plan. By incorporating the importance of the Sales Funnel and the previous case study, we're learning to build the fundamentals of a long-term sale.

The Funnel – A Case Study

In a previous blog, we introduced the sales funnel concept and created a visual integration with the game board to help us when trying to align our customers’ needs with our digital solutions. Today, let’s take a look at a more specific example of how each section of the funnel can be applied to a client in a realistic scenario.


Unbounce CTA Conference August 27-29

The marketing event of the summer is here. The Unbounce CTAConf is carefully crafted to teach you informative, actionable marketing tactics you can actually use when you get back to the office. The conference and workshops take place August 27-29 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver.