Designing the Voice of Addiction Recovery Services in British Columbia

The British Columbia Addiction Recovery Association (BCARA) serves as a collective voice of providers and other experts in responding to the opioid crisis.


A Brand New Vision for Eyesight International

Eyesight International (ESI) is a registered Canadian charity, founded by the late Dr. Paul Dubord. ESI provides hope and vision to the curable corneal blind in lower- and middle-income countries.

Web Development Trends to Watch

We're following trends in web development and have some insights to share.

Blog: Hosting & Maintenance Vs. Third Party Hosting

Choosing the right solution for your new website's hosting can be confusing. What does good service look like?

122 West Home Slide Mockup

122 West e-Commerce Website

For every successful e-commerce business, there will eventually be a need to scale operations. When this time arrived for 122 West they chose the GMD team to help with this process.

Boy with a Knife

From the moment we received Boy with a Knife's discovery package, our team was excited to be part of improving the website user experience, as well as developing BWAK’s online visual language.

New E-Commerce Products

As demand for e-commerce continues to grow, we are pleased to now be offering a Shopify Lite integration for Wordpress websites.

What is web3 and Why Should We Care

As we rolled into 2022 it seemed that many in the Glacierverse were having conversations around web3 and what exactly it was, what it promised and what to think about it. As a team, the developers here at GMD have put our heads together to answer three simple questions that keep coming up.

2022 Dev Trends – Headless websites are go!

A Headless website is one that uses WordPress or other Content Management Systems to store content but relies on a single page application built on a javascript framework to serve the front end of the website to the user.

The Importance of Website Discovery

The discovery phase of website development is the most crucial phase of the project.

What you’re not getting when the price is “Free”

You’ve probably seen the ads out there that extol the virtues of a well known “Free” website builder and how “Easy” it is to make a website. You may have asked yourself (or your customers may have asked) “Why pay for a website when I can get one for free?”

Custom Images versus Stock Images for Websites

We all know the challenge of sourcing image assets for your website. Many companies resort to using royalty-free stock images, and while that’s not necessarily a bad option, it’s important to know where, when and how to use those images in a way that won’t discredit the business’s brand trust.