The Funnel – A Case Study

In a previous blog, we introduced the sales funnel concept and created a visual integration with the game board to help us when trying to align our customers’ needs with our digital solutions. Today, let’s take a look at a more specific example of how each section of the funnel can be applied to a client in a realistic scenario.

Meet Team GMD: David Gordon-Smith

This week on Team GMD, we have our SEO specialist - David Gordon-Smith. David is currently Glacier's longest-serving digital employee since June of 2012. He has been a corporate trainer, website project manager, SEO manager and sales manager. We are lucky to someone as knowledgeable as David on our team. Read on to learn more about him.

Process Breakdown: StandOUT Sponsored Content

Glacier Media's StandOUT Sponsored Content program benefits businesses by providing premium content in a journalistic style to build brand trust and credibility. StandOUT helps business owners to connect with its current and potential customers through our well-established and well-known community brands.

The Funnel Introduction

Every customer travels through the Digital Funnel, whether they know it or not. We all move at our own pace, but no matter the product or service, we move from an awareness phase (top of the funnel), to a consideration phase (middle of the funnel), and finally to a conversion phase (bottom of the funnel). Why does this matter?

Meet Team GMD: Eric Chan

Eric Chan, Corporate Training and Development. Eric will be responsible for all training and development of both sales and sales management processes. Eric joins us with over 12 years of training experience.


Unbounce CTA Conference August 27-29

The marketing event of the summer is here. The Unbounce CTAConf is carefully crafted to teach you informative, actionable marketing tactics you can actually use when you get back to the office. The conference and workshops take place August 27-29 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver.

Process Breakdown: Video

Videos have the ability to deliver mass amounts of information in a short amount of time. They effectively engage audiences, enhance emotions, and ultimately influence buying decisions. If you're looking to strengthen your marketing strategies, our videography team has you covered.

How we increased online sales by 600% for this local business using Facebook ads

Facebook makes placing ads seemingly easy for the average user. Sure, boosting a post can get you a higher reach and can be a great way to be noticed quickly, but it doesn’t implement a solid strategy in your sales funnel. Paid social needs to have a strategy behind it or else it is money wasted.

Process Breakdown: Custom WordPress Websites

A Custom Wordpress Website is ideal for creating a unique brand experience and to implement special functionality. Our User Experience and User Interaction designers will customize your website to ensure the best user flows for your ideal audience.

Meet Team GMD: Adam Markus

This week on Team GMD, we have Vancouver office's Digital Coordinator - Adam Markus. When Adam is not at Ariel's office, he's at Robert's desk and when he's not at Robert's desk he could also be found at Manny's, Chaney's, Kaelynn's, Laura's or The Room. Needless to say, Adam's role at Glacier is vital; he oversees key accounts and facilitates communication between the creative team and the clients. To learn more about Adam, read more here.

Process Breakdown: Templated WordPress Websites

Your website is the digital version of your business. Whether you need to switch your outdated site to a mobile-responsive one, or launch your online presence for the first time ever, our Templated Wordpress Website is an effective option to upgrade or establish your digital footprint.

My time as a GMD intern

The productive and friendly community in the GMD workspace gave me the opportunity to communicate with different members of the team and broaden my horizons to a wide range of useful skills.