Meet Team GMD: Adam Markus

This week on Team GMD, we have Vancouver office's Digital Coordinator - Adam Markus. When Adam is not at Ariel's office, he's at Robert's desk and when he's not at Robert's desk he could also be found at Manny's, Chaney's, Kaelynn's, Laura's or The Room. Needless to say, Adam's role at Glacier is vital; he oversees key accounts and facilitates communication between the creative team and the clients. To learn more about Adam, read more here.

Process Breakdown: Templated WordPress Websites

Your website is the digital version of your business. Whether you need to switch your outdated site to a mobile-responsive one, or launch your online presence for the first time ever, our Templated Wordpress Website is an effective option to upgrade or establish your digital footprint.

My time as a GMD intern

The productive and friendly community in the GMD workspace gave me the opportunity to communicate with different members of the team and broaden my horizons to a wide range of useful skills.

Glacier Media Digital

5 Tips for Hitting it Home as a Baseball Fan

The sun is out, the popcorn's popped, the Canucks have started their off-season training, and the scent of hot dogs is wafting through the air: baseball season is now in full swing.

Team GMD: Meet Kate Palamarchuk

Introducing this week’s feature on Meet Team GMD, Kate Palamarchuk. She's our Social Producer by day, and a graphic design hobbyist by night (@vankatie_art). Kate also likes to travel and do landscape photography. Read on to find out her next travel destination.

Process Breakdown: Landing Pages

Starting today we begin our 'Process Breakdown' series to uncover the collaborative steps behind our service deliverables. The mission is to create transparency around standard processes of our most popular services. First up: let's unpack the process for Landing Pages.

Meet Team GMD: Rob Akimow

Today we meet Rob Akimow, Director of Advertising for The Richmond News.

IHOP’s Rebranding: Success or Failure?

If you have been disconnected from the internet in the past 2 weeks, you may have missed one of the boldest marketing moves of 2018.

Case Study: Aunt Leah’s

Aunt Leah’s Place needed to reach landlords with vacant units across the Lower Mainland. Glacier Media Digital implemented a cause marketing program and a fully integrated campaign to better communicate their message.

Pop quiz: What’s Your Traveler Type?

Are you a Trendsetter or an Adventurer? Our team recently developed an online quiz experience to create a fun and engaging micro-moment. We invite you to play and find out what type of travel personality you are.

5 Movies To Watch This Summer To Get Rid Of Your FOMO

FOMO: Fear of missing out. We've all been through it, and these movies should help ease the pain of not having plans this summer.

Meet Team GMD: Chaney Cheung

Say hello to the enigma that is Chaney (pronounced Chan-eee). As our Senior Search Specialist, his mission is to help brands and netizens find each other. He is essentially a matchmaker - one who wields the powers of algorithms and artificial intelligence. Also, please note that he likes long walks on the beach.