Meet Team GMD: Samantha Matheson

This week on Team GMD, we are featuring Samantha Matheson, our Interaction/ Visual Designer. Sam is our resident dog & cat whisperer and an idea-packed UI designer. Sam’s job as a Visual Designer is to fulfill any creative requests, whether it is a landing page, website design, programmatic ad or social ad.

7 Summer Ad Campaigns to Inspire You

When it comes to your summer ad campaigns, now is the time to be thinking about it already and putting a messaging plan into action. To spark your creativity, we’ve compiled some inspirational summer advertising campaigns that are fun and clever.

5 Key Points For Selling Social Ads

Does your client need social ads? Are they industry and service or product dependent? What should I do pre & post-sale? Read on to find out the 5 key points for selling social ads.

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning for your WordPress website part 1 of 3

Spring is nearly here and along with it flowers, sunshine and … Spring cleaning, a time when we channel our inner Marie Kondo, purge all of our unneeded items and give everything else a bit of TLC. Much like your home, your WordPress website could likely benefit from a little spring cleaning.

Meet Team GMD: Adina Mussina

This week on Team GMD, we are featuring Adina Mussina, our Social Producer. Known for her stellar problem-solving and organization skills (and of course, her impeccable fashion sense), Adina is a key player on our fast-growing social media team.


Top 5 Super Bowl Ads of 2019

Super Bowl 53 could go down as the most lacklustre Super Bowl of all-time. Most of the action happened during the commercials. Check out Matt's picks for the Top 5 ads here.

Match your ads to your Landing Page

You order a burger at a restaurant and end up with a bowl of soup. And then the waiter might even say, "This soup is essentially made from the same ingredients as the burger. Enjoy." Would you go back to that restaurant?

Is Cryptocurrency A Scam ?

Recent news coming from a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange has people asking whether this exchange is an exit scam. Intriguing revelations and bizarre stories surrounding its CEO's death makes it hard to believe otherwise. Is crypto a scam or the people behind this particular exchange the shady ones?

5 UX Principles to Improve Your Website

User experience design is a broad multidisciplinary activity. It could, for instance, be applied to the experience created for a first-time Mazda driver. How did that car make them feel? Did they feel comfortable and in control?

Meet Team GMD: Lise Boullard

Lise is Glacier Media Digital’s resident word wizard, writing and editing copy for everything from social media posts to blogs to website landing pages. Read on to learn more about her.

Meet Team GMD: Mamio Marais

This week on Team GMD, we are featuring Mamio Marais, our Senior Graphic Designer. Mamio's job as a Senior Graphic Designer is to art direct and oversee production workflow, ensuring that the graphic design team have all the ingredients it takes to execute projects. "I guide the team by helping them unlock their design roadblocks and empower them to think creatively."

Digital ads are the billboards of the Information Highway

Our minds have developed a mechanism to protect us from being constantly overwhelmed. It is called perceptual screens, which are the subconscious filters that shield us from unwanted messages before any data can be perceived. So how do you break through all of the clutter?