What are Custom Post Types & Taxonomies?

WordPress is a powerful content management system responsible for a large chunk of websites existing today. Part of the reason for this success is the implementation of custom post types (CPT).

How Powerful is Programmatic Retargeting?

Retargeting is extremely effective, and even more so when used alongside our other digital solutions like video, social media and content marketing, to create an encompassing marketing strategy.

Five Ws Of NFTs

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens or in its simplest terms, can be thought of as a file or a digital asset.

SEO is for everyone right?

Every business WANTS to be on the first page of Google … so it stands to reason everyone business should be investing in SEO … right?

Google Shopping Ads

 We will look into the benefits of running Google shopping ads and how it allows companies with great products to gain visibility online and compete with e-commerce and online retailers.

Client Beware: Migrating to a New Provider

Often times a case study is built around showing dramatic improvement. This is a different kind of case study.

Google Quality score

Quality Score And How To Improve It

Quality Score is Google’s rating system of the quality and relevance of keywords and ads. We can ensure we cover our bases by doing our best in improving our quality scores.

Is Content Still King?

COVID-19 means businesses should be looking at their content

Businesses have cut back on their marketing budgets, and justifiably so–it’s a crazy world (think “Mad World” by Gary Jules).

Sharing your business updates on Google My Business during COVID-19

Use Google My Business to communicate and share updates about your business during COVID-19 pandemic.

The Increased Importance of First-Party Data

With the decline in third-party cookies, it is more important than ever to collect first-party data and organize it into usable information to segment users and create personalized online experiences.

Not all reporting is created equal

When was the last time your agency actually showed you not only a rank report, but an analytics report AND a conversion report to justify your SEO investment?

2020 Web Dev Trends

2020 is upon us and the GMD Dev team have put our heads together to identify the big trends in Web Development that we will be watching this coming year.