Meet Team GMD: Alex Wu

This week on Meet the Team GMD, we meet Alex Wu, our newest Paid Search specialist.
As a lifelong Vancouverite, it's only natural that Alex is a foodie and a fitness buff.

Recap: Design Thinkers 2022 with Gemma O’Brien

If you are a typophile, you would have LOVED Gemma O’brien’s keynote talk, which was accompanied by a slideshow replete with typographic art.

Meet Team GMD: Shalaw Karim

This week on Meet the Team GMD, we are introducing Web Developer Shalaw Karim.
Shalaw comes from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, where he worked as a journalist on various platforms before leaving his homeland to come to Canada.

How to Promote an Event on Facebook

If you have an upcoming event–either in-person or virtual–Facebook can be a great resource to promote it. Are you ready to get this event/party started?

What’s Good: Dev Team Edition

Our new series "What's Good?" explores the coolest games, movies, food, and activities from our taste-making Dev team.

How Has Digital Media Consumption Changed Since The Pandemic?

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered how we consume content.
But how, specifically, have habits changed?

Boy with a Knife

From the moment we received Boy with a Knife's discovery package, our team was excited to be part of improving the website user experience, as well as developing BWAK’s online visual language.

New E-Commerce Products

As demand for e-commerce continues to grow, we are pleased to now be offering a Shopify Lite integration for Wordpress websites.

Colour Story: Orpiment

Orpiment pigments can be found on Egyptian scrolls and Medieval manuscripts - it was even used as medicine in China. However, like many pigments of the past, this colour is extremely toxic.

Meet Team GMD: Emily Rumball

This week's spotlight is on Emily Rumball, writer-extraordinaire with a weakness for Reece's Peanut Butter Cups.

Meet Team GMD: Blandy Castro

This week on Team GMD we are featuring Blandy Castro, Web Developer.

Logo Re-design: Taranis Construction

After 15 years of steady business growth, Taranis Construction knew it was time to reboot the company’s visual identity from scratch. Challenge: accepted.