Colour Story: The Blackest Black

Dating back to the stone age, early man decorated cave walls with one of the earliest pigments known to man - Black.

video game pong

The First Video Game TV Commercial

Do you know why you ended up being a candy stacking combo junkie like me? The answer is a solid marketing strategy. And, the angular stone of classic video game marketing strategies is a television ad.

Meet Team GMD: Pablo Narvaez

Meet Pablo Narvaez, Team GMD's newest digital coordinator. Pablo is passionate about video games, artificial intelligence and karaoke.

Web Terms Glossary

In an industry that moves as fast as ours does there are few things that are constants. I have found however that as industry we enjoy jargon, acronyms and of course companies with silly names (I'm looking at you Google). For those who aren't as versed in the world of web development this can come across as a confusing mess of jargon, acronyms, and well, silly names. In order to help make sense of this mess we have put together this Web Terms glossary that we hope you'll find useful when navigating your Web projects.

Colour Story: Scheele’s Green

You’d think that once stories of accidental poisoning became common tales, that consumers would stop wearing and using the poisonous colour, but this popular green was lucrative business and it wasn’t until 1895.

Five Ws Of NFTs

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens or in its simplest terms, can be thought of as a file or a digital asset.

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How Brand Standards Benefit Businesses

In this current landscape of social media and online marketing, it has become increasingly important for businesses and organizations to present their brand messaging concisely.

Streamline content creation using the hero-hub-hygiene strategy

When time is invested into producing themed, quarterly marketing pieces, the weight of creating a day-to-day supply of content can begin to lift.

SEO is for everyone right?

Every business WANTS to be on the first page of Google … so it stands to reason everyone business should be investing in SEO … right?

DE{CODE} 2021

Headless WordPress is a method of creating a web application using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) and a Javascript framework such as React or Vue to create a front end application using the data stored in the WordPress CMS.

Meet Team GMD: Troy Pickersgill

Meet Troy Pickersgill, Team GMDs newest member hailing from London, England. Troy has an impressive background in digital marketing for the not-for-profit sector and has recently joined us as our newest social ads strategist.

Colour Story: Baker-Miller Pink

In colour psychology, experts often speak of the emotional effects that colours have on those who perceive them. But what if colours have the power to influence beyond our mental state of mind, but our physical performance as well?