The Value of Brand Awareness on Social Media

Brand awareness plays a key role in enhancing your marketing strategies and improving results.

Should You Advertise on LinkedIn?

The power of this ad platform extends far beyond just B2B companies. B2C companies, nonprofits, universities, and other organizations can leverage LinkedIn Ads to achieve remarkable success.

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Photo vs Short-Form Video on Social Media

It's good to have a balance of short form video and photos in your social media feeds. Find out why.

Pinterest’s Trend Predictions for 2023

In 2023, Pinterest identified 27 emerging trends. Let’s take a look at some of the most promising ones. We hope it helps you get ahead of your competition and plan your content calendar more strategically.

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Video Creative for Social Advertising

Video has fast become one of the most impactful ways for brands to connect with audiences across the digital landscape.

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GMD’s 2023 Social Media Packages

The social media landscape is ever-evolving, and that’s been truer than ever over the past few years.

Social Media Glossary

Are you looking for a quick and easy guide to our most-used social media terms?

Social Media is Taking Over the Search Space

Google has dominated the search engine market in Canada for many years. In September 2021, the company accounted for almost 92% of searches. However, things evolve quickly in the digital world, and Gen Z is the driving force behind some major changes. Here are a few unconventional ways Gen Z uses social media platforms to replace traditional Google searches.

How to Promote an Event on Facebook

If you have an upcoming event–either in-person or virtual–Facebook can be a great resource to promote it. Are you ready to get this event/party started?

Pinterest: Advertisers’ Hidden Gem

Pinterest is one of those platforms that have been around for years—everybody is familiar with it and knows how to use it but it generally flies under the radar. Users have been curating content on Pinterest for the past 12 years, and marketers have been utilizing it in their digital marketing strategies. However, do we know its true potential?

Is my business right for TikTok?

Thinking about adding TikTok marketing to your social media strategy? In this article, we’ll help you find out if TikTok is a good fit for your business. 

Case Study: Generating Interest in B.C. Real Estate Through Social Advertising

Learn how we used Facebook advertising tools to generate interest and leads for our client in the competitive B.C. real estate market.