Big News for the Social Media Management Pro Package

What big change was made to Pro-Social Media Management?

The Basic Social Advertising management fee is now included with ‘Social Pro’, and say goodbye to 20% of ad spend charged (we can hear clients cheering from here).

5 Key Points For Selling Social Ads

Does your client need social ads? Are they industry and service or product dependent? What should I do pre & post-sale? Read on to find out the 5 key points for selling social ads.

Pop quiz: What’s Your Traveler Type?

Are you a Trendsetter or an Adventurer? Our team recently developed an online quiz experience to create a fun and engaging micro-moment. We invite you to play and find out what type of travel personality you are.

5 Movies To Watch This Summer To Get Rid Of Your FOMO

FOMO: Fear of missing out. We've all been through it, and these movies should help ease the pain of not having plans this summer.

The funnel in Facebook advertising

When it comes to campaign planning we start off with one question: what is the goal that we are hoping to accomplish through Facebook advertising? The reason why we ask this is so we can help accomplish these goals through the funnel.

Hootsuite Social Breakfast Vancouver Takeaways

Two weeks ago, our Social Squad stormed the Hootsuite Social Breakfast Vancouver at the Rosewood Hotel. Our team has learned so much from the event. Therefore, We have created a blog to share some of the key takeaways with you.

Ad Fatigue: An Epidemic  

Like Google, advertisers are competing against space on Facebook. Without a strategy, so much of an advertiser’s ad spend budget can go to waste without optimizing and adjusting messages to get discovered.

Instagram Features You Need to Know About Now

Waking up to a happy little surprise story from Insta Tuesday morning – Canada is finally on the in-app shopping bandwagon! Say goodbye to the wild goose-chase of actually shopping a product you fell in love with on your feed.

A Day in the Life of an Influencer

I went on a private gallery tour with a small group of Influencers that had a collective reach of 5.2 Million social media followers. It's the kind of reach that can swing open the golden gates of opportunity.

What Logan Paul and Monica Lewinsky can teach us about responsibility of speech

As digital marketers, we should be responsible for the quality, fairness and objectivity in our own work. If we start a movement to have compassion and empathy in our work, we can encourage other people to do the same too.

Why TrueView Ads Might Be the Most Cost-Efficient Advertising Medium

This blog post dives into the AdWords pricing model for TrueView ads, the detailed targeting options available for advertisers, integrated video campaigns with landing pages, and key metrics to look out for when your results come in.

Video as Social Content

Have you ever found yourself sucked deep into a Facebook video, finally coming up for air and wondering, “Where did the last three hours of my life go?”. With Facebook rolling out the autoplay feature in 2015, it’s been all about video ever since.