Mavenlink Made Easiest: How to decrease your workload and increase your productivity

Your time has come. Today is the day you will unlock your true communicative and organizational potential. The day you go beyond the limits of email and memory as devices for project tracking. The day that you finally free yourself and merit the title, Mavenlink Master. Let’s dig in.


Learning Club

Have you ever heard that luck happens when preparedness and opportunity meet? At GMD, we’re looking to create our own luck by being better prepared for the next opportunity.

Big Data Concept with icons

The 5 V’s of Big Data and GMD

Big Data is not a thing of the future, and here at GMD, we love data! Digital marketing and data science are a match made in heaven.

What you’re not getting when the price is “Free”

You’ve probably seen the ads out there that extol the virtues of a well known “Free” website builder and how “Easy” it is to make a website. You may have asked yourself (or your customers may have asked) “Why pay for a website when I can get one for free?”

Our Favourite Podcasts

If you're on the lookout for a new podcast, Team GMD has your back. Check out these recommendations.

Case Study: Custom Audience for Windsor Plywood

Windsor Plywood specializes in providing hard-to-source interior and exterior home finishing products and needed to reach a custom audience.

Shop Local Hot Spots

Whenever a great new business opens up in the neighbourhood, you want to tell a couple of friends.

Colour Story: Canary Yellow

In 1977, 3M initially launched the product under the name Press ’n Peel in select cities, only to receive mixed results. The company relaunched it 2 years later with a new name, and it became an "overnight" success.

Google Update

Google did WHAT!?!?

In 2018 Google made over 3,000 “improvements” to its algorithm! That’s between 8-9 improvements PER DAY!


Custom Images versus Stock Images for Websites

We all know the challenge of sourcing image assets for your website. Many companies resort to using royalty-free stock images, and while that’s not necessarily a bad option, it’s important to know where, when and how to use those images in a way that won’t discredit the business’s brand trust.

Case Study: Video Content

Instagram and other social media platforms move to integrate more video features helping to make it easier for creators to produce and share longer, engaging video content.

cleanup crew

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

GMD helped our surrounding communities by picking up trash—and it gave the chance for team members to see each other face-to-face, for the first time in over a year.