What is Sponsored Content?

Sponsored content is a form of native advertising paid for by an advertiser but crafted and shared by a publisher. The publisher will already have a healthy list of subscribers, making it easier for the advertiser to reach new audiences and convert leads.

Design Study: Atomic Age Design

As we celebrate the significance of the latest SpaceX launch, we’d like to throwback to a bygone era of design that stemmed from a time of changing technology and space exploration  – the Atomic Age of graphic design. 

You should ditch Internet Explorer right now

Anyone who knows a web developer has probably heard them gripe about Internet Explorer (IE) at some point. Is that because us developers are generally a cranky bunch or is there really something to all of this IE hate? While I agree that developers on the whole are an ornery bunch in this case there are some great reasons for giving up on Microsoft’s former flagship.

Is eCommerce the need of the hour?

eCommerce is exactly what it sounds like—the selling and purchasing of products and services on secure platforms online. As we re-enter our localities and approach a new normal, businesses that haven’t set up their stores on eCommerce platforms should consider making the investment in this branch of their business.

Design Study: Did DADA Inspire a Visual Language of Revolution?

The history of graphic design is inherently linked to past socio-political and cultural movements. With recent events, will it be reclaimed by the masses again as the visual identity of their cause or will a new revolutionary style emerge?

Why do we do what we do?

Having the ability to see the bright side of things sometimes requires resilience and detachment. During trying times like these, seeking new opportunities is almost like a mandatory modus operandi. 

Is Content Still King?

COVID-19 means businesses should be looking at their content

Businesses have cut back on their marketing budgets, and justifiably so–it’s a crazy world (think “Mad World” by Gary Jules).

Post-Crisis Media Planning Broadcast

How can businesses reach customers in an economic downturn and when regular channels of commerce have been turned around?

Interactive Listicles

Imagine a listicle enhanced with light interaction, Yup. It's a real thing that we have been developing at GMD.

Advertising on Social Media During the Economic Downturn

The government of British Columbia recently announced its plan to restart the economy after the COVID-19 quarantine that has affected everyone and accelerated the economic downturn. Now that we have a clear path of action, the question business owners are faced with is how fast do they need to increase their advertising budgets?

Three Bullet Thursday

The goal of Three Bullet Thursday is to quickly shed a dim light on some of the newness around us, so we can smother pesky fires before they have a chance to ignite.

Canada Takeout Photo Challenge

On Wednesdays, we order takeout. The National Takeout Day awareness initiative helps restaurants stay in the game. I've got a photo challenge for you. Play along!