If you don’t use Facebook’s Business Manager often, you may not know the difference between it and a Facebook Business Page.

Facebook has acquired and launched multiple companies such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Giphy. While they are standalone products, they are also integrated—which can get confusing when you are running campaigns or managing the backend of your social channels.

The simplest way to think of it is by using an analogy. Think of your Facebook Business Manager as a house with multiple rooms.

With that in mind, your Facebook Business Page is, therefore, a room within this house.

The same idea applies to Instagram, WhatsApp and advertising tools such as the Facebook Pixel or product Catalogs. These are all rooms within the house.

As the Facebook Page’s Admin, you can see others with roles within your room. But what happens if you are locked out of the room, and you are not sure who the homeowner is in order to have them hand over the keys?

That is where the Business Manager comes into play because not only can you see that room—you can see all the rooms and everyone within them in one place. You are the Super-Admin, which is why it is crucial for any business owner with a social media presence to control ownership of the Business Manager.

To be added as an Admin to the business’s Facebook Page or the Business Manager, a person needs to have a legitimate personal page on Facebook. What do I mean by that? Simply put, don’t try and fool Facebook by creating a fake profile with no friends, no likes, no photos, no comments, no posts and try to become an Admin. Facebook will most likely flag the profile and the page, and you will lose access altogether.

Yes, they may not flag the fake profile right away (although I have seen it happen), but they will eventually and then you are jumping through hoops to prove your identity and required to get notarized documents in order to help you access your page.

So what happens when you don’t know if your business has a Business Manager created?

You check the ownership section under Page Roles in the Page settings.

If you have a new Business Page, you had never advertised on social media before or didn’t work with marketing agencies in the past, you may not have a Business Manager yet. This is my favourite scenario because we can start from scratch. Here at Glacier Media Digital, we always make sure that our clients own all of their social media channels and data. This way, if they ever decide to work with someone else or take their marketing in-house, they have everything they need. We follow the industry’s best practices.

To check whether your Facebook Business Page is connected to a Business Manager or not, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to www.facebook.com.
  • If prompted, please log in using details for your personal account.
  • Find your Business Page.
  • In the top right corner, click ‘Settings.’
  • Select ‘Page Roles’ from the menu on the left.
  • If your ‘Page Owner’ section is blank, then your page doesn’t have a Business Manager.
  • If you see something in the ‘Page Owner’ section, then your page is connected to an existing Business Manager.

For example, here what the section looks like for Glacier Media Digital:






If you realize that your Business Page has an owner, the next step is to check whether you are Admin of the Business Manager that owns it. To check this, please go to business.facebook.com, and if the page loads for you and you see the name of the business in the top right corner, you have access. Here is what it should look like:

Now, let’s make sure you are an Admin. Please click on the blue ‘Business Settings’ button in the top right corner of your screen. The new tab should open. In the new tab, you should see your name under ‘People.’ Like this:

Make sure that you see a grey Admin badge beside your name. If you have it, congratulations, you have ownership of the Business Manager and the Business Page.

What happens if nothing loads when you go to business.facebook.com, but you know that your Business Page is connected to a Business Manager?

Unfortunately, we see this happen very often.

Usually, business owners are extremely busy and don’t have time to manage their own social media channels. Therefore, they ask another manager, intern, seasonal worker, co-op student, assistant or someone else within their team to manage the business’s social media channels on their behalf. What ends up happening is the person managing the Business Manager often leaves without transferring the ownership to someone else within the company or to the owner of the business, and that’s how access to such a crucial marketing tool gets lost.

No need to panic if this happened to you, there are two ways to recover the ownership.

The first one is recommended by Facebook, and it is to try and figure out who may have Admin access to the Business Manager by reaching out to current and past employees. If they follow the steps above and one of them realizes that he/she is the Admin, then that person can quickly transfer the ownership to you. And, no, Facebook legally can’t disclose who the Admin of the Business Manager or Page is, and can’t make this elimination process easier.

The second option is our last resort, and we offer it to our clients if they tried contacting everyone they could think of and still couldn’t find the Admin. Glacier Media Digital, as a trusted Facebook Partner, will file an ownership dispute on your behalf. Facebook’s internal team then will send us the list of documents they need to verify your claim for the Business Manager. Here is a sample list of documents that Facebook could ask for:

  1. A copy of a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a current driver’s license or a passport, of the individual signing the statement. See the different kinds of IDs Facebook accepts in the Help Center.
  2. A notarized and signed statement from a person with sufficient knowledge and authority over this matter that includes all of the following:
    • A description of your relationship to the Business Manager (and authority to request a change in the person(s) who manage the Business Manager, as applicable);
    • An explanation of your request, and whether there has been a termination of the employment and/or business relationship with the current Admin, as applicable;
    • All documentation supporting your request;
    • The Facebook account or email address associated with the Facebook account that you wish to have added as the new Admin of the Business Manager;
    • A declaration under penalty of perjury that the information you have provided is true and accurate (your statement must include this language).

Please note that this list could vary on a case-by-case basis. Every time Glacier Media Digital starts an ownership dispute, we ask Facebook to send us the latest list of documents.

After we submit the documents, it could take Facebook’s Internal Team anywhere from a few business days to a few weeks to review them and make a decision.

I hope I was able to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions in this blog. If you want to discuss various advertising opportunities on social media in more detail, GMD’s team of Social Ads Strategists, including myself, are always happy to assist you. Click here to get in touch.