The Future of Retail According to Shopify

According to Shopify's latest research blog, Future of Retail: "These changes demand new retail strategies to thrive."

Case Study: Generating Interest in B.C. Real Estate Through Social Advertising

Learn how we used Facebook advertising tools to generate interest and leads for our client in the competitive B.C. real estate market.

Meet Team GMD: Eugene Mo

This week on Team GMD we are featuring Eugene Mo, Digital Project Specialist.

2022 Super Bowl Ads

February 13 is now in our collective subconscious as the day we realized how important it was to see 50 Cent hanging upside down once again. Here we present our three favourite ads of Super Bowl LVI.

Metaverse 101: Everything You Need To Know

Virtual concerts, crypto, avatars, NFTs… are we in the Metaverse yet? To help you fully understand the Metaverse, here is a simple guide to related concepts and key players in the Metaverse world. 

Community Leaders

The Community Leaders program is cohesive integrated strategy that allows businesses to support journalism through sponsorship.

Introducing DESIMARK

Led by the DESIMARK Director of Marketing, Manny Kang, we are thrilled to introduce Glacier Media's newest division focused on providing digital marketing solutions to reach South Asian audiences.

Team Blog: 2021 Trend Review/ 2022 Predictions

Let us take you through what we learned this past year and what we believe 2022 has in store for digital marketing.

What is web3 and Why Should We Care

As we rolled into 2022 it seemed that many in the Glacierverse were having conversations around web3 and what exactly it was, what it promised and what to think about it. As a team, the developers here at GMD have put our heads together to answer three simple questions that keep coming up.

Trends for 2022: Programmatic Audio

Digital Audio has seen rapid growth in recent years and for good reason. It’s immersive, available almost anywhere, and users have complete control.

Social Retrospective 2021

Both so much and so little has happened in 2021, so here’s a round-up of the biggest movers and shakers in the social media landscape over the past year.

Will 2022 Mark a Renaissance for Design?

Will 2022 Mark a Renaissance for Design?

A rebirth of cultural, artistic, political, and economic development could be brewing as we speak.